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Dátum konania
11/02/2018 - 18/02/2018

Miesta konania
Rome, Italy

Typ projektu:

Report from training is here: DialoguePaths – Comunicate EN

Zhrnutie o čom bol tréning: 

The project cames up from the observation of a pressing need for dialogue that crosses the world of youth, a need that has long been explored by Fondazione Labos , through research projects carried out at national level. In particular, the Foundation has found different dimensions within this need for dialogue: intercultural, intergenerational, among “peers”, and “between genres”. The project wants to transfer to a group of European trainers, a specific educational path, developed by Labos in relation to this social phenomenon, and which consists in an “education to dialogue”, in all its different aspects. Particularly, the educational path we proposed is composed by the following aspects:

  • Support young people to be aware of their resources and needs
  • Develop sharing and dialogue within the peer group
  • Educate on intergenerational, intercultural and gender dialogue
  • Educate young people on critical thinking and awareness of the social context they are part of, locally and globally (dialogue with society).
  • Support the transition from awareness of project and action needs.


The project activity consisted of a six days training course, in Rome, focused on the theme of ” education to dialogue “, in all its different aspects. The course, lasting six days, consisted of several stages:

  • Presentation of participants and team building
  • Knowledge of the project’s theme and the different fields of application
  • Testing of methods
  • Study on the use of European certification tools.

Účastníci boli z Talianska Italy, Estónska Estonia, Rumunska Romania, Španielska Spain, Bulharska Bulgaria a Slovenska Slovakia.