Digitally well = Generally Well

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22/04/2023 - 29/04/2023

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Digitally Well Generally Well is addressing a problem that youth are facing all around the world, which is trendy and recently appeared with the quick spread of smart devices and the expansion of the use of digital devices among younger generations everywhere around the world and especially in Europe, taking into consideration its high standards of living which makes digital devices part of youth’s daily lives. As part of an answer to this problem, the Digitally well, Generally well project comes in, to raise awareness, educate youth, and provide solutions to make their relationship with their digital devices more healthy, which will be reflected in a healthier mental and physical state.

Main objectives of the project:
● Promote digital well-being and digital wellness among youth and increase awareness of the dangers of screen addiction and its impact on mental and physical health
● Identify harmful habits affecting digital wellness, and find ways to address them
● Show the connection between digital well-being and overall well-being, and minimize digital tool used to observe its positive impact
● Introduce physical activities to improve issues caused by digital tools, and develop blog posts with tips for digital well-being
● Provide a platform for participants to debate the impact of digital and smart devices and become ambassadors for change

The project will involve 2 main activities:

Advanced Planning Visit (APV)
Dates: 10.-13. March 2023
(including arrival and departure dates)
Venue: Budapest
Participants: 1 team leader per each partner Organization

Youth Exchange
Dates: 22-29, April 2023
(including arrival and departure dates)
Venue: pilisszántó Orosdy Kastély
Participants: 1 team leader + 5 Participants per each organization

About the APV:
The purpose of the APV meeting is to bring together the group leaders from each organization to build trust, improve cooperation, and familiarize themselves with each other and the youth exchange plan. The meeting will cover organizational and substantive issues, including the schedule, group composition, transport, financial aspects, special needs, and logistics. The meeting will also allow team leaders to inform the partner organization of any special needs or concerns and will end with an evaluation and conclusion document.

Youth exchange is for everyone who is interested in the topic and would like to travel and meet new people and cultures. Between the age of 16 – 30, leader can be over 30.

Participants were from Greece Greece, Spain Spain, Turkey Turkey, Bulgaria Bulgaria and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 6 participants from each country.