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Dátum konania
09/10/2018 - 16/10/2018

Miesta konania
Cosenza, Italy

Typ projektu:

Článok z výmeny si môžete prečítať tu: https://www.adelslovakia.org/pribehy-ucastnikov/nezabudnutelne-momenty-z-vymeny-e-for-work-v-taliansku

Zhrnutie o čom výmena bola:

Intercultural exchange among young people, to reflect on the complex and difficult employment conditions that unite them and to question together on the concept of youth employment: work orientation, youth and female entrepreneurship, new concepts such as start up and social enterprise, precarious and underpaid work. The project implementation is based on a simple concept: progress in training (formal and non-formal) gives positive professional perspectives.

The project aimed to promote the fundamental values ​​of the EU, to provide opportunities for informal and non-formal learning with a European dimension and to promote positive reflections and attitudes in the participants. Identifying possible answers and “solutions”, the project and its objectives are linked to policies and priorities of the Erasmus+ Program in the choice to promote entrepreneurship education, to increase transversal skills and increase employment potential and the career prospects of young people, to enhance the spirit of initiative and intercultural awareness, active participation in society, to foster the continuation of education or training after a period of mobility abroad, to increase linguistic, interpersonal and civic competences.

The main activities included:

Interactive workshops about: entrepreneurship, rural jobs, employability and cultural/rural aspects; generation of new entrepreneurship ideas; Discussions in non-formal environment; info sessions with local people; city visit of Cosenza and interviews; analyses of relevant video materials; specialized group exercises, games, quizzes, and much more. Since the project goal is to reach the public and disseminate the results effectively: special photos & videos, as well as a website was prepared by the participants.

Účastníci boli z Bulharska Bulgaria, Portugalska Portugal, Talianska Italy a  Slovenska  Slovakia. Z každej krajiny bolo po 6 účastníkov.

Účasť na projekte

If you would like to apply for project, please answer the following questions:

1. Question:  What is your motivation to participate in the project?
2. Question:  How do you think you will use the knowledge and skills which you gain at this project in your future life?

Prihlasovanie na tento projekt bolo uzatvorené. Momentálne prebieha výber účastníkov.