Ecological Fashion Design

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15/05/2023 - 26/05/2023

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To be more conscious and active in recycling, It will be the greatest benefit to the sustainable environment for young people to get out of the consumption frenzy and make worn, stained, shrunken clothes in their homes reusable with simple designs. Within the scope of the project, our aim is to show young people’s perspectives on life and reflects their personalities. Our participants will become aware of Ecology and Fashion  and will meet new concepts.

Project’s participants will gain:
* Understand the importance of the human factor in protecting the environment.
* Knows the issues and values that will help prevent environmental problems.
*Establishes the relationship between global warming and the environment.
* Associate the environment with infectious and epidemic diseases.
* Creates awareness about second-hand clothing.
* Understands how to be more carefully and consciously when buying clothes.
 *Develops consciousness on using existing clothes for a longer period of time.
* Develops Green entrepreneurship.
* Occuring attitude and behavior change at the point of generating green ideas.
* Develop respect, empathy and tolerance for different ideas.
* Understands EU values better.
* Interest in the Erasmus+ program increases.
* Understands the importance of using digital tools.

The project  wants to bring the participants on a journey on the “Ecological Fashion Design” and provide them tools and inputs which might help them to be more aware of themselves, their skills and their competences.

Youth exchange is for everyone who is interested in the topic and would like to travel and meet new people and cultures. Between the age of 18 – 30, leader can be over 30. This Youth Exchange is inclusive towards plus size people as the Youth Exchange will focus on the possibilities of sustainable fashion in plus size category. 

Participants were from Italy Italy, Serbia Serbia, Turkey Turkey and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 9 participants from each country.