European Youth Voice part. ll

European Youth Voice part. ll
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Dátum konania
01/04/2020 - 11/10/2020

Miesta konania
Ankara, Turkey

Typ projektu:

Vycestuj  na 1-2 mesiace do hlavného mesta Turecka do Ankary na dobrovoľnícku stáž v apríli alebo v máji.

 O čom bude dobrovoľnícky projekt?

International Youth Activities Center Association (IYACA) is a NGO and founded in 2012 in Kayseri. It is founded to develop to the youths’ personal development and to contribute the abilities of them. We want to form a youth activity in which youth can exist as they are, act in concert affect the society and activity that is innovative, creative and sustainable. We want to form this organism with the youth leaders who agree with or respect to each other, make decisions, design and perform together.

Tasks: The volunteer will serve and do her activities mainly in the IYACA but she/he will be  involved also in the other activities that take place in the other places; such as, high schools, universities, youth center etc.

Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • To prepare International Youth Bulletin;
  • To give basic information about youth activities in universities: European youth opportunities;
  • To update website of the youth center (Facebook page and databases);
  • To participate in every special events organized by the Youth Center;
  • To participate in the meetings in high schools;
  • To manage on the web radio programmes;
  • To participate in every special events organized by the Youth Center;
  • To participate in street forums;
  • To organize English conversation clubs;
  • To organize intercultural activities.

Accommodation, food and bills: Covered
Insurance: Covered
Travel: Covered

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