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Dátum konania
01/04/2018 - 08/04/2018

Miesta konania
São João do Estoril, Portugal

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Since the ’90s, youth work has grown rapidly, but although it is nowadays widely recognized as a valid mean to support the development and participation of young people, there isn’t across Europe a shared knowledge of its features, a common framework in terms of recognition neither a clear strategy for the development of the competences of the human resources involved in the sector.

Questions like “Who is the youth worker? How to become a youth worker?” and “What’s his/her role in Europe?” are still hard to be answered. This it not only due the broad spectrum of the sector and the multi-dimension of the approaches, but also because scarce are the opportunities for youth workers to debate over such questions in a in-depth and structured way among peers.

The project was conceived having in mind these considerations and was drafted out with the aim to reflect, assess and promote youth work across Europe.

The organizations involved in this project are aware of the great impact youth work has in the main burning issues of Europe – such as employment, social cohesion and civic participation – but they are also aware that such impact could be greater and more effective if there would be more space for debate, share and cooperate between youth workers at European level. The Seminar wants to represent such space; a space to:

  • Broaden the understanding of youth work’s practices, policies and systems;
  • Increase youth workers’ and youth leaders motivation and satisfaction and contribute to their professional development;
  • Disseminate good practices to strengthen the cooperation between organizations and increase their capacity to operate at EU level.

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