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Gender through the screen - Prizren
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22/04/2018 - 30/04/2018

Miesta konania
Prizren, Kosovo

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Of the many influences on how we view men and women, media are the most pervasive and one of the most powerful. Throughout our daily lives, media insinuate their messages into our consciousness at every moment. All forms of media communicate images of the sexes, many of which perpetuate unrealistic, stereotypical, and limiting perceptions. As youth workers and peer educators, we should worry about this phenomena and take a step forward in addressing it, especially because we work with young people and we should give them the correct information, allow them to foster their critical thinking while taking a stand or creating an opinion, hopefully without being manipulated by the media.

We believe that media can be an important factor in the promotion of gender equality, both within the working environment and in the representation of women and men (in terms of fair gender portrayal and the use of neutral and non-gender specific language on images). We strongly believe that we as youth workers and community leaders should educate our youngsters how to proactively react to these happening, how to report the hate speech therein and how to not use a sexist language.

First, women are underrepresented, which falsely implies that men are the cultural standard and women are unimportant or invisible. Second, men and women are portrayed in stereotypical ways that reflect and sustain socially endorsed views of gender. Third, depictions of relationships between men and women emphasize traditional roles and normalize violence against women.

Through our project we would like to tackle all three aspects with the aim of creating a baseline how youth work can advocate and support the better portrayal of gender in the media. As well as the project will seek to engage more young people and youth workers to bring up gender issues through social media channels and commit to fairly and ethically address the issues through their PR strategies in their associations.

The main aim of the project is to deeper explore the gender portrayal in order to address the most problematic issues while training youth workers, youth leaders and young people to act as advocates and reporters. The project shall seek to raise awareness of the public on the importance of gender roles as seen and portrayed in the mass media and the influence it has in daily lives f each of us.

This activity is focusing on engaging young people in gender equality through the use of social media channels and while raising their advocacy skills for positive gender images. The main aim is raise the awareness of young people about gender issues as screened in the media and encourage them to act as advocates of equality while using the various media channels.

* Learning by doing method
* Ice-breakers and teambuilding games to get to know each other.
* Workshops will leave room for guided but controversial discussions.
* Simulation games will allow to identify current challenges of non-formal education and show possible measures that strengthen them. These sessions will provide the participants with concrete ideas that can be implemented in their local communities, thus ensuring an important multiplier effect.
* Reflection groups will take place every evening and will serve as a platform where the participants can give feedback on the activities of the day and also share general impressions they had.

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