Get skilled: Get Empowered do Sport!

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19/06/2022 - 22/06/2022

Miesta konania
Struga, Macedonia

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More info about the project:

Main goal of the project was to raise capacities of involved organizations to support positive youth development through sport with special focus to be paid to skills development of young people.

Project Objectives were:
– to explore how sport is a learning environment with distinctive demands, programme designs, coach characteristics and strategies;
-to explore the possibilities that offers sport in the context of positive youth development;
-to develop capacities of the organizations to include sport into their practices with aim to empower young people and to support development of their skills;
– to support sharing good practices and developing new innovative practices aiming to increase quality of services provided by organizations working in the field of youth;
– to raise awareness of public on the importance of the sport in the process of youth development and empowering young people including young people with fewer opportunities;
– to support creating networks between organizations representing youth and sport sectors motivated to work on positive youth development.

By reaching the project objectives we aimed to develop capacities of organizations representing both sectors: youth and sport. Especially, we aimed to support cooperation between both sectors with the goal to provide young people quality activities supporting their development. We believe that sport has a significant impact on youth development nevertheless we are aware that we need to develop our capacities to design and to deliver sport based activities in the settings of non-formal education taking in consideration the needs and interests of young people and actively supporting their development.

The participants of the meeting belonged to various target groups: 
– staff of sport clubs and organizations involved in preparation and delivering sport programmes and activities for young people including young people with fewer opportunities;
– staff or volunteers of youth organizations working on developing new practices motivated to include sport activities targeting various groups of young people including young people with fewer opportunities;
– young people looking for new opportunities for self and professional development through sport activities,
– youth workers, leaders, educators, trainers and sport activists motivated to develop their competences to use sport to empower young people and support development of their skills;

Participants were from North Macedonia North Macedonia, Denmark Denmark and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 6 participants from each country.