Green Deal – Building Resilient Communities

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Dátum konania
20/09/2023 - 29/09/2023

Miesta konania
Saint-Georges-d'Oléron, France

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We choose the topic of resilient and green communities with our partners because we aim to deeper explore the impact our behaviour might have on the happiness and well-being of our neighbours. When a young person is part of the community, he/she feels more satisfied, and happy. On the other hand, when a young person withdraws from the community, he/she feels more isolated and scared. Such a young person is also hard to reach and involved in various activities enabling their development. Isolated young people also face more challenges in the case that they decide to look for new opportunities, or in the case when they face any challenge/obstacle. In well-connected communities, people can rely on family, friends, or neighbours for support and such communities exhibit new opportunities thus young people feel supported, know where to turn for help and feel like being part of community life.

Youth exchange ‘GREEN DEAL – Building Resilient Communities’ is reflecting the interests and goals of the consortium and young people involved in the activities of participating organizations. The fact that young people were actively involved in the process of creating this application we consider to be significantly important because it ensures that youth exchange ‘GREEN DEAL – Building Resilient Communities’ will reach the interests of the participants, support their personal and professional development, and have the desired impact.

IMPACT – The partners will support the development of new projects at the local, national or international level. In the case of the international level, we, Platanus Bordeaux will keep the contact with partners and together work on new projects within Erasmus + Programme because we are sure that building a working partnership is a long-term process and good partner relationships are the basis of every project. We will try to find groups that can become multipliers of this project to spread the objectives and goals of the youth exchange ‘GREEN DEAL – Building Resilient Communities’ to a wider audience. 

Participants were from France France, North Macedonia North Macedonia, Turkey Turkey, Serbia Serbia, Lithuania Lithuania and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 8 participants from each country.