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Dátum konania
19/10/2022 - 27/10/2022

Miesta konania
Tortolì, Italy

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More info about the project:

As youth workers, youth leaders we work directly with young people and of course, we cannot know all the details as family life, religion, cultural background, etc. of our target group. So, several times we don’t want and we can hurt. We can hurt with an innocent joke; we can discriminate with a look, a phrase, an unconscious behaviour. Nowadays, working with immigrants, Roma people, members of different ethnic groups, or only with a young person simple, we cannot know which issue can be really sensitive, as e.g. showing a funny short movie about religion or women can be really discriminative towards someone and we even don’t know about it. We don’t know that we discriminate.
By our project we aimed to make people aware of their subculture, their behaviour towards differences, raise awareness on their stereotypes and prejudices and spotlight when they discriminate others even unconsciously. Foster understanding how media effect their perspectives towards each other, how a joke can be discriminative even without knowing it. Then as next step, turn it upside down, use media as tool against discrimination. Use the popular tools what young people like nowadays for the sake of anti-discrimination and even invent projects and build partnership around the topic as anti-discrimination by the tool as media devices.

The overall aim of the training course was:
To train youth workers and youth leaders on using media (jokes, short movies and advertisements) as tools on anti-discrimination. To make them aware of their own cultural background, and how it influences them towards different cultures. To foster understanding the reasons behind their reaction, stereotypes and prejudices, and to recognise discriminations around and by them. To learn usage of new media technology on anti-discrimination with for and by young people they work with.

Participants were from Italy Italy, Estonia Estonia,  Hungary Hungary, Romania Romania, Lithuania Lithuania, Czechia Czechia, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Portugal Portugal, France France, Poland Poland and Slovakia Slovakia. From each country were 3 participants.