Healthy Nature Healthy Me

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Dátum konania
24/09/2016 - 02/10/2016

Miesta konania
Demanovska dolina, Nízke Tatry

Typ projektu:

V dňoch 24.septembra – 2.októbra 2016 sme zorganizovali mládežnícku výmenu “Healthy Nature Healthy Me” v Demänovskej doline, na ktorej sa zúčastnilo 36 mladých ľudí, a to z Grécka, Španielska, Talianska, Turecka, Litvy a Slovenska.

Zhrnutie o čom výmena bola:

The project “Healthy Nature Healthy Me” introduced the issue of environmental pollution to the 36 participants and focused on factors that influence the environment as well as the quality of life. Irresponsible behaviour of humans towards the nature and the importance of changing them will be brought up as a theme. Alongside analysing the nature and the environment, it also refered to the alternative options of nutrition and its impact on the health of people and the nature. It refered to simple methods of protection of the environment which can be performed every day, the right technique of recycling and living life with a minimal waste production. Participants from Greece, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia and Turkey were involved in the project.

From each country, five participants were chosen and accompanied by their group leader. The whole exchange was in the spirit of non-formal education which was achieved by workshops concerning the project theme, informative lectures, creative group work and projects, discussions, role-play, short improvisational theater plays, D.I.Y. and mutual sharing of knowledge during the cultural evenings. The trash picking hike to Chopok connected these young people with nature and they supported the nature preservation by taking action. With this excursion the participants raised awareness about nature preservation and recycling locally and also in the city of Košice.

The primary goal of the project was to encourage youth to positive perception towards the nature and sharing the idea of healthy lifestyle that contributes to conservation of the environment and also to upgrading the quality of life of an individual.