Hubs of European Solidarity

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01/02/2021 - 01/02/2022

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Borås, Sweden

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Project description

The aim of the project “Hubs of European Solidarity” is to spread good examples and populate  our youth centres and activity houses with good-quality free time activities with the help of  the volunteers. We believe that this will inspire our young visitors to learn new things, step  out of their comfort zone and make their own activities in a non-formal way, thus exercising their  right to leisure, boosting their health and strengthening their position in society. Moreover,  meeting volunteers from different countries can awaken their interest in mobility  opportunities in Europe, which is part of our strategy as a local Eurodesk office.

Volenteer profile

What do we look for in a volunteer?
Volunteers that can (or want to learn to) lead activities for children and young  people.
Genuine interest in working with children and young people.
Sociable and outgoing.
Sense of initiative.
Willing to build relationships with the visitors.
Willing to work with people from different backgrounds (colleagues and other ESC  volunteers).
Willing to learn Swedish.
Thriving in a dynamic environment where there are many things going on.
∙ Interest in ESC and Erasmus+.
Interest in promoting ESC face to face, on social media, on arranged events.

Practical info

Return trip arranged by the hosting organisation.
Working hours: 35 hours a week (a mixture of day, evening and weekend shifts),  including 6 hours dedicated to learning Swedish (the course might be online, IRL at  discretion of the organisation). Since our organisation works with the inhabitants’  free time, our meeting places and youth centres are open and mostly visited during  afternoon and evening time.
25 vacation days a year.
Shared accommodation: every volunteer has their own room and shares public  spaces with others (kitchen, toilets, shower rooms, dining room, living room, terrace  and laundry room). The volunteers are responsible for keeping their rooms and  common areas clean and tidy.
Food and pocket money: 3550 SEK a month (around 350 €).
Transport: bus card provided by the organisation.
Work mentorship is provided by a member of the staff in the workplace, who has the  extra responsibility to make sure the volunteers feel included in the workplace,  organise mentor meetings, monitor learning, organise schedule, etc.
Social mentorship is provided by older volunteers, summer and winter get-togethers,  Facebook group.
Free access to public swimming pools and library card.

More info here

How to apply: email your CV and cover letter to