In touch with myself

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Dátum konania
22/10/2023 - 29/10/2023

Miesta konania
Bansko, Bulgaria

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In a sea of distractions of today’s world, we often lose touch with our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. They become distant strangers who are hard to understand. But this is not how we are designed to live. Feeling good in life is not about cutting off unpleasant emotions or neglecting our body. It is about becoming friends with them.

In this journey, we will use mindfulness, meditation and body movement techniques to get closer to ourselves. To discover background thoughts and emotions that run our lives without us even noticing. And to explore our body which stores all these feelings. Because only when we give them attention and welcome them in our life, harmony comes into our life experience.

You will learn

– to see better what is really happening in the background of your mind what you might not know

– to work with your thoughts and emotions in a way that supports feeling of harmony in your life

– become more aware of your body and how tuning into your body can support your mental and physical health

– exercises that help reslease stress and tension from your body

– tools that help feel more calm and concentration and to manage your emotions with more ease

– how to use these tools in your work with people to support the mental health and wellbeing of others

Training course is for everyone who is interested in the topic and is in daily contact with youngsters either as a youth worker, teacher, leader, volunteer, is part of any organization where young people are gathering, school or sport clubs, and etc. From the age of 18+.

Participants were from Spain Spain, Italy Italy, Czechia Czechia, Greece Greece, Romania Romania, North Macedonia North Macedonia, Bulgaria Bulgaria and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 5 participants from each country.