Links for Rural Development

Links for Rural Development
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Dátum konania
11/07/2018 - 18/07/2018

Miesta konania
Viseu, Portugal

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The enhancement of natural resources through sustainable environmental management, an opportunity for the development of rural areas, bringing added value to the progress of rural areas and to affirm the identity of the field.

This project followed the creation of a historical consciousness of rural areas, in a logic participation of European integration by bringing together many young people from different countries and cultures to confront this issue, always focusing on enhancing their personal and professional skills in acquisition of transversal skills for personal development and subsequent integration in the labor market. In other words, non-formal learning. The future of rural areas is a current concern and transcends national borders. Also at the level of the EU institutions have been several discussions on the subject. This movement caused a special impact on the European Union when, in 1991, the EU boosted the LEADER program, created for the promotion and development of rural areas, based on a territorial approach to rural development through the application of decentralized procedures, both relation to decision-making and in financial management.

Parallel to this creating awareness of the countryside, it is intended that these young people are, in nature activities and recognition of rural areas, a form of personal development that can promote mutual understanding between young people. The objective is to encourage a reciprocal attitude in order to answer questions that the rural community has to offer to the youth community and the community itself can offer young people from rural areas.

It is intended that the activities occur in rural areas, contributing to the effective development of youth activities and to improve the organization of civil society capacity in the field of youth, stimulating European cooperation.

Účastníci boli z  Portugalska Portugal, Bulharska Bulgaria, Litvy Lithuania, Poľska Poland, Malty  Malta a Slovenska Slovakia.