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Dátum konania
23/05/2022 - 30/05/2022

Miesta konania
Covilhã, Portugal

Typ projektu:

Our Slovak Group went to spend a week in Portugal on a project focused on Mediation and Integration in Rural Areas. We had a good balance of
work and free time activities and we learnt new things as well as met new people and presented our cultures.

The sessions we had were focused mainly on mediation. Firstly all the national teams prepared presentations about the issues in our rural
areas and about disadvantaged people and minorities and we discussed the process of integration of them to society in different fields. As
well we talked about what the government does to support or to integrate these people.

Other sessions were focused more on mediation and we were divided into international groups to make an outcome together and learnt together
how to work with different types of people based on their age and background.

First three nights were cultural nights, so all the participants presented their own culture and prepared or brought traditional dishes
and showed some videos or even taught us how to dance their national dances. On our Slovakian night we prepared a game and taught
traditional dance and as well we brought our typical sweets and snacks.

We had two trips to see the highest peak in Portugal and nature surroundings and to a small town near Covilha as well. It was a really
interesting experience and we had an opportunity to try local cafés and walk on the streets of a beautiful town in the Serra da Estrela

More info what was the project about:

The Youth Exchnge “Methods of Integration and Mediation in Rural Communities” was a project organized by Associacao Nacional from Body to Soul had as its main topic the development of the mediation and coaching as a developer of integration in rural communities.

The Youth Exchnge “Methods of Integration and Mediation in Rural Communities” had as main objective the mediation and coaching methodologies as a developer of techniques of integration. Our objective was to make participants, from different European countries, think together and develop skills.

We intended to make an impact at a personal level, giving them the tools to increase their employment opportunities while disseminating it in their own cities and turn them active and alive, being actively cooperative to their community.

Participants were from Portugal Portugal, Italy Italy, Spain Spain, Poland Poland, Romania Romania and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 5 participants from each country.