No more lies

Mládežnícka výmena v Palermo
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Dátum konania
27/09/2017 - 05/10/2017

Miesta konania
Palermo, Italy

Typ projektu:

feedback od jedného z účastníkov:

“During the period of 27.09 – 05.10. I participated in YE in Palermo, Italy. The main topic was ´´fake news´´ also known as hoaxes. Thanks to this YE I have learnt how to protect myself from false news which are sometimes presented by media and at the same time I was told where to find proper information.

Except from that, I have also improved my personal and language skills. How?
I simply cooperated with people coming from different social and cultural backgrounds. I also expressed my ideas, opinions, feeling, and facts in foreign language on daily basis. It motivated me to be talkative, creative and innovative.

All in all, I strongly recommend everybody to take part in these kinds of programs in order to explore one´s limits! Always keep in mind: Life begins beyond your comfort zone!”


Zhrnutie o čom mládežnícka výmena bola:

“No more lies” was a 7 day youth exchange that brought together young people interested in topics such as: youth participation, intercultural communication, traditional and new media, connection between media, perceptions and stereotypes. The participants lived together and got to know each other, shaed their opinions and ideas through a series of activities based on non-formal learning. They worked towards the production of a video that was projected during a public final event and a non-formal report produced by the participants about the risks of media misrepresentation of social phenomena. Used methods were be non-formal, non-frontal and participative, encouraging discussion and intercultural dialogue, in order to maximize the learning experience. Activities took place in the city of Palermo and in the neighborhood.

Objectives of YE were:

  • foster the exchange of experience at an European level;
  • foster awareness of issues related to the impact of information in Europe;
  • provide young people with a conscious approach to communication and its effects;
  • promote the active participation of young people in society;
  • help young people improve their ICT and communication skills

During all the activities, participants examined closely how mass information influences the perception of social phenomena (such as economic crisis, migrations, crimes etc..), analyzed the situation in the country of origin of the participants and compared the different national models of information, commercial and marketing languages were examined too. They also reflected on the different communication strategies used in the EU. Participants used a completely non‐formal approach to analyze the language of information and how this could affect different perceptions.

Účastníci boli z Grécka Greece, Poľska Poland, Talianska Italy a Slovenska Slovakia.