Polis and environmental harmony

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Dátum konania
01/03/2021 - 30/09/2021

Miesta konania
Polia, Italy

Typ projektu:

Zaujímavá ponuka na dobrovoľníctvo v Kalábrii o permakultúre a ekologickom poľnohospodárstve.
Project description
One of the key purposes of this project is to create a rich intercultural environment in and around Polia, where differences cultural values ​​become a value rather than an obstacle and a climate of tolerance and peace reigns for different people can be joined by tolerance values. It follows that this project will help volunteers and target groups of Kalistratia OdV (young unemployed, socially marginalized, young workers and also asylum seekers) to improve their personal development and involvement in society, in particular:
a) Better knowledge of English, Italian, etc.
b) Awareness of other cultures (European and non-European countries seeking asylum such as Pakistan, Mali, etc.), especially through the workshops created by the mentor himself (Dr. Carmelina Ielapi is an expert in the mitigation of differences cultural and promoter of human rights).
c) Build an international network of contacts (in Italy, Greece, Spain but also from other countries of other volunteers programs that have already come to Polia).
d) Increase of creative skills (if not artistic, problem solving skills, thinking outside the box) and habit to intercultural dialogue and critical thinking.
e) Acquisition of transversal skills (preparation and management of workshops, blogging, facilitation, etc.) that they will improve employability and active participation in society at the end of the project.
f) Motivation to participate (and organize) Erasmus + and other international projects.
Furthermore, each person belonging to the Kalistratia association carries out various environmental protection activities by sharing them with local people external to the association, therefore, ESPECIALLY PRIZE SOCIAL ACTIVITIES IN LINE WITH THE ESC PRINCIPLES such as protecting a forest by organizing an event where they contribute to the same project people of different nationalities. Another important challenge, in Polia and its surroundings, is not to fall into a provincial and closed approach towards Europe, therefore it is a great challenge to make people see socio-cultural differences as values. We can stimulate and nurture young people local on international projects and to all those who come into contact with volunteers.
Accommodation, food and transportation arrangements
Volunteers will be accommodated in an apartment. Within the municipality the distances are short: main venues are mainly reachable by foot. If needed, other transportation will be provided.
Volenteer profile
We are looking for 2 volunteers who love nature and are enthusiastic about learning agriculture activities according to permaculture rules. We do permaculture, organic farming outdoor activities etc. So we would like to receive volunteers interested in agriculture and the environment.
How to apply
Volunteers can apply by sending CV and motivation letter to esc@adelslovakia.org
Deadline for applications is ❗️31. January 2021.❗️