S.T.O.P. Violence

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Dátum konania
14/11/2021 - 19/11/2021

Miesta konania
Braga, Portugal

Typ projektu:

Tréning kde, počas ktorého účastníci vytvorili informačnú kampaň proti násiliu a šikane na školách.

Viac informácií o tréningu:

The Project S.T.O.P. Violence, is a project organized by Adolescere, (http://adolescere.pt/) has as its main topic the Violence in Schools. Designed to be funded by the Erasmus + program, with a Training Course between 14th and 19th November 2021.

he Project S.T.O.P. Violence has as its main objective the creation of an awareness
campaign and best practices guide against the violence in all the areas connected to schools, since bullying, familiar violence, violence relationships, etc. Our objective is to make participants, from different European countries, think together and develop materials to make Europe think about this topic. In this way, the project will promote the participants, in a first moment, the creation In this way, the project will promote the participants, in a first moment, the creation of knowledge and methods of this topic to, in a second moment, develop sessions and visits to schools to implement the results of the first activity. We intend to make an impact at a personal level, giving them the tools to increase responsible citizenship while disseminating it in their own cities and turn them active and alive, being actively cooperative to their community.

The activities are always arranged in a nonformal learning perspective, participatory methodologies that enable participants to learn in a practical and reflective way. These activities also propose the development of civic, social, creativity and teamwork skills among young Europeans of different nationalities and different cultures. The importance of sharing information and education among participants of different realities and scenarios, as well as the exchange of experiences among the partner associations should be mentioned.

Účastníci boli zo Španielska Spain, Portugalska Portugal, Malty Malta, Česka Czechia, Talianska Italy a Slovenska Slovakia.