Say not to hate

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22/04/2023 - 30/04/2023

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Hate expressed by words, behaviour and attitudes is a form of violence that can easily be overlooked or ignored. When it is left unchallenged it can become normalised within our society and escalate into physical violence on a larger scale. Challenging hate when it occurs sends a clear message to young people that these attitudes and words are harmful and it takes the dehumanising impact of hate seriously. With the rapid growth of social media, which provides a willing platform, the ways in which hate speech can impact on people in all areas of society have multiplied. There is no widespread clarity on what hate speech is and how to address it. We intend for this project to meet some of these needs by supporting youth workers to have concrete and adaptable tools to enable them to recognise, challenge and ultimately transform hate speech. On one level the challenge lies with youth workers identifying the most effective and constructive ways to intervene and respond when hate speech happens in the youth space. On another, the challenge centres on how best to support young people in understanding the impact that hate speech can have, to know where it comes from, and to learn and challenge the attitudes that lie behind it. Our project seeks to address these challenges in order to create safer and more inclusive youth environments.

The overall aim of the project was to improve the competences and youth work methods and tools of youth workers being able to facilitate the transformative process of hate speech in youth settings based on the needs of young people they work with in daily basis. Being capable to deal with hate speech through appropriate youth work methods and proper manners and competences for the sake of their target groups especially young people with culturally diverse background such as minority, Roma, refugees and migrants youth.

Training course is for everyone who is interested in the topic and is in daily contact with youngsters either as a youth worker, teacher, leader, volunteer, is part of any organization where young people are gathering, school or sport clubs, and etc. From the age of 18+.

Participants were from Italy Italy, Austria Austria, Turkey Turkey, United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Romania Romania, Hungary Hungary, Spain Spain, Greece Greece, Estonia Estonia and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 4 participants from each country.