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Date(s) - 01/09/2017 - 10/09/2017

Miesta konania
Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

Typ projektu:

Vybraní účastníci

Zhrnutie o čom tréning bol:


To learn self – assessment as youth leaders, exploring own personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and how they could become competent leaders of their volunteers.

To improve their leadership on preparing, implementing and evaluating voluntary youth projects.

To train youth leaders on volunteer management along the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018) according to the European Commission and Youth work portfolio made by Council of Europe.


– To raise awareness on the reasons of ignoring, generating fears from immigrants, and becoming racists connected to immigration in the EU;
– To gain experiences on developing and improving methods, tools and techniques in order to discover and accept cultural and religious diversity;
– To clarify and define the meaning of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination based on human rights education related with migration;
– To enable young people, youth workers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, for recognising prejudgements, prejudices towards immigrants;
– To identify and define the roots and origins of xenophobia and racism;
– To develop critical way of thinking;
– To ensure different ways of active participation of young people within local and international youth campaign against xenophobia and racism;
– To raise awareness on universal human rights of immigrants; to fight against xenophobia and racism towards immigrants and to develop intercultural sensitiveness through web 2.0 as social media tools and through offline tools as street campaigning by street theatre, peer education, posters, flyers, humanitarian aid actions as supporting immigrants, etc.

Účastníci boli z Maďarska , Francúzska , Estónska , Grécka , Talianska , Rumunska , Turecka , Litvy aSlovenska .

Účasť na projekte

If you would like to apply for project, please answer the following questions:

1. Question:  What is your motivation to participate in the project?
2. Question:  How do you think you will use the knowledge and skills which you gain at this project in your future life?

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