Skills for Success

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Dátum konania
21/11/2023 - 01/12/2023

Miesta konania
Bansko, Bulgaria

Typ projektu:

Youth unemployment is a widespread problem in Europe and it has exacerbated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine both of which have severely affected the global economy and financial markets. A lot of young people are not able to find a job, which results in economic obstacles.

This project aims to address youth unemployment by reinforcing their digital and soft skills necessary for their successful realization on the labor market.


1. To provide 42 young people with the opportunity to evaluate their current job-related skills and competences and create a personal Action Plan to improve them;
2. To explore practical and digital tools that youths can use in their everyday life to improve their job-related skills and competences;
3. To improve job-related soft and digital skills of 42 young people;
4. To create a Brochure in order to increase youth’s understanding about the job-related skills and competences and provide recommendations for practical and digital tools to improve them;
5. To develop the participants’ skills to coordinate and work effectively with others, overcoming cultural and language barriers in order to achieve common goals;
6. To promote non-formal education and the accessibility of the Erasmus+ Program for youths, especially for those with fewer opportunities.

Youth exchange is for everyone who is interested in the topic and would like to travel and meet new people and cultures. Between the age of 17 – 30, leader can be over 30.

Participants were from Bulgaria Bulgaria, Turkey Turkey, Romania Romania, Greece Greece, Lithuania Lithuania and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 7 participants from each country.