Smart Copy-Paste

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Dátum konania
31/05/2020 - 31/01/2022

Miesta konania
Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia

Typ projektu:

“Smart Copy-Paste” – projekt o veľmi aktuálnych témach ako bezpečnosť na internete, ochrana osobných údajov, duševné vlastníctvo či autorské práva, ktoré sú veľmi dôležité, ale venuje sa im len veľmi málo pozornosti v školskom prostredí. Vytvoríme preto vzdelávací modul a rôzne metódy workshopov o týchto témach, ktoré následne zrealizujeme na školách. Okrem toho vytvoríme krátke a zároveň vtipné edukačné animované videá a komiksy a rozšírime vytvorené materiály medzi učiteľmi a inými pracovníkmi s mládežou, aby podobné aktivity realizovali aj v ďalších školách a organizáciách. Na projekte spolupracujeme s partnermi z Poľska, Slovinska a Litvy.

Viac informácií o čom projekt je v angličtine:

The school curriculum needs to prepare young people of all ages for the 21st-century knowledge economy, yet copyright, data protection, intellectual property is widely ignored within the education system. Having ownership means you can protect your work as intellectual property and control who earn money off of it. Copyright is becoming a crucial element of digital literacy because everyone is a publisher now. Whether they know it or not, copyright and fair use are directly relevant to online activities that kids engage in virtually every day. At school, students are using, creating, and sharing copyrighted works when they study everything from art and music to English and history. They produce videos or multimedia presentations in connection with project-based learning, and they learn computer skills from video editing to software coding. At home, they use the new tools technology provides to both find and create blogs, music, art, and videos, and engage on social networks to share it all with a potentially vast audience.


  1. youth from 16 to 30 years old who want to learn about the intellectual copyrights and data protection, who want to know what is prohibited and what they can do. They want to develop their skills connected with these topics: intellectual copyrights protection, data protection, because they operate on the internet every day in different forms, but they do not know what is allowed and what is forbidden or even a crime. They will take part in the pilot program training and later can take part in the conference and contest.
  2. Youth Workers – they will learn about developed methods, tools and results that can use our in their classes or workshops with youth. All materials will be shared online and youth workers will be invited also for conference and multiplier events.


The program SCP (smart copy-paste) for youth will consist of the following main topics:

  1. Introduction to the topics (legal, educational etc.)
  2. Reproduction and intellectual property
  3. Personal data and image protection
  4. Copyright rules
  5. Patents rules.

The topics will be developed in scenarios of workshops for youth and campaigns (multimedia – film, animation, graphic). Each topic will have one scenario and one video campaign. The program will be tested during the pilot trainings in each partner country with at least 20 participants who will provide feedback.

We will prepare also 4 campaigns related to the above-mentioned topics. We will show some examples of behaviors in which people are not aware of the law, and take careless actions on the internet. We will show the consequences. 2-3 minutes of educational video will be an integrated part of the scenario. All of them will be also published on Youtube.


There will be prepared and developed an animation presenting different types of intellectual abuse and consequences. It will be prepared in a way that is interesting and attractive for youth, that can be addressed to them and can reach them via internet or multimedia. The scenario of the animation will be consulted with youth and professionals. It will have the form of “choose the best action” or “causes and consequences” action. It will cover 4 basic actions developed in our program – Reproduction and intellectual property, personal data and image protection, Copyright rules, Patents rules. In a simple to understand and the appealing way, it will explain the possible problems, consequences of intellectual rights abuse and possible solutions. The animation will last app. 8 minutes.


We will prepare a comic book telling 4 stories connected with copyrights. It will consist of 4 parts prepared in a similar comic convention. It will be funny, colorful, simple in the message but educational at the same time. Each part will consist of graphically designed pictures and stories told by active heroes. The comic book will be available in a printed form – like a booklet and on-line form. It will be possible to use it also during trainings and workshops.


Pictures from the 1st meeting in Bratislava


Pictures from workshop in Slovak school

There will be 3 more meetings and trainings in all involved countries.