Sports 4 the fight against addiction

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02/10/2023 - 11/10/2023

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In the Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023) Healthy Living and Fight Against Addiction Working Group Report, a definition was made for addiction as ‘to continue taking a substance despite causing mental, physical or social problems, not quitting despite the desire to quit, and not stopping the desire to take the substance’. In addition, the issue of combating addiction has been addressed under 4 headings in the report: drugs (substance), tobacco, alcohol and technology addiction.

In the Development Plan Sub-Working Group Report; The promotion of sports among young people in order to prevent addiction was highlighted in 2 items. Relevant public, non-governmental and private institutions / organizations, especially official institutions such as ministries, organize awareness trainings for thousands of young people in order to popularize sports. The European Commission has added a separate section – Erasmus+ Sports – to the Erasmus+ program in order to popularize sports activities and accepts only sports projects. However, as a result of the increasing population and addiction rates, more work is needed to spread sports among young people, especially in the local area.

As it can be seen in all the previously mentioned research results, addiction is a serious problem that especially impacts the youth. Any type of addiction among young people is negative and should be fought against. Addiction effects many young people and their families as well. Therefore, with our project, we would like to prepare a campaign that will help us reach out to youngsters with addiction problems and help them overcome it via sports. Sports can be a great form of activity to take one’s mind off things, including bad habits. Sports play a great role in one’s physical fitness as well as mental fitness. Especially team sports, help youngsters connect with their peers. Thus, giving youngsters the opportunity to feel included and part of the ‘team’.

Participants were from Turkey Turkey, Greece Greece, Spain Spain, Poland Poland, The Netheralnds Netherlands and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 8 participants from each country.