Starting line

Starting line
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Dátum konania
08/07/2018 - 16/07/2018

Miesta konania
Samobor, Croatia

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The main aim of this project was facilitating the process of building participants’ personalities by using sports as a tool for developing their character and behaviour traits.
The project name – “Starting line” – acts as a metaphor that showed that starting point in personal development of each person is just like a starting line of a marathon: a point where you need to set your personal goals, know your strengths and weaknesses, focus on achieving what you want while being able to respect your competition.
After starting your life marathon, it is important to have resilience and “never give up” attitude, overcome the fear of losing, while still be able to face disappointments and start all over again. Overly, it is the fair play, respect, tolerance and self confidence that makes your life marathon extraordinary. Such values and attitudes are the envisaged results of this project – the final line of the marathon.

Specific objectives of the project were:
– To foster the process of identifying personal strengths and abilities of the participants;
– To foster the process of identifying personal goals and developing the ability to competently
overcome setbacks, challenges and obstacles;
– To develop specific skills of the participants: communication, leadership, ability to work in teams,
fairplay, and resilience;
– To enhance the importance of focus and planning to achieve participants’ personal goals;
– To develop the values of earnestness and sincerity, respect for the opponent; positive and “never
give up” attitude; decrease fear of losing in everyday situations;
– To develop intercultural and language competences of the participants, especially the ability to work in intercultural teams, to overcome prejudices and build mutual tolerance;
– To emphasize the importance of ERASMUS+ programme for the personal development of youth as
well as to present the opportunities for future participation.

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