Stay Sane

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10/04/2021 - 17/04/2021

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The need to bring awareness to keeping sanity is even bigger nowadays when the world suffers in lock down under covid- 19 pandemic. Current unprecedented global situation supports the ongoing political plurality which intensifies the division of society instead of bringing people together. It is a new period where people are isolated, forbidden to travel or assemble and pushed to deal with their hardships separated from society. This creates a lot of fear, instability and together with uncertainty the future brings it may cause anxiety or even depression.

People are generally unable to communicate their opinions, feelings and needs clearly, they adopt the attitudes and opinions of others without critically questioning them. They tend to fall into repetitive thinking traps and cycle in their lives, repeating the same mistakes without even realising it. Staying in toxic environments, keeping in stressful conditions with the body and the mind.

With Stay Sane we want to prevent this from happening repeatedly. Nowadays there is even a bigger need to know how to communicate empathically to get through the crisis together. Acknowledging, accepting and learning how to deal with one’s emotions is crucial for the life of every human being. Understanding oneself brings better understanding of others and creates essential human connection. We want our participants to learn this. Techniques we share with our participants are applicable in almost any stressful situation and can help them to get over hardships in their professional and personal life in order to preserve their mental health. This ultimately strengthens an individual person, their empathy and motivates them to be more compassionate and inclusive members of society. There is many data showing that depression and anxiety lead to high percentage of self-harm, suicide and other healthrelated and social problems. In our work we focus on the topics of mental health and self-development. Thanks to years of work experience, feedback from participants and our own experience, we know how important is the acceptance of emotions, awareness of behavioral patterns and use of communication techniques in our lives. Through equipping youth workers with tools to enhance mental health, communication, empathy and understanding of emotions, we want to bring awareness to these issues together with tools on how to work on them. Focusing on the present and using these tools the youth workers will be able to first work on themselves and then apply these techniques in their work with communities and their organizations on national and international level.

The objectives of Stay Sane are following:

  • Share NVC techniques from non-violent communication (NVC) (4 steps, iceberg, dyad) for meaningful communication based on empathy, self-empathy and self-expression
  • Enhance empathy in communication and cooperation with people from different environments
  • Share Mindfulness techniques (principles, different kinds of meditations) for preserving good mental health
  • Share NLP techniques from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) (meta-model, priming) for self-awareness and development
  • Show importance of emotions, know how to embody, identify, acknowledge and work with them
  • Learn to read the signals and messages emotions are giving us and to take the gifts from the emotions and their influence in life
  • Enhance empathy in communication and cooperation with people from different environments
  • Bring awareness to importance of empathy in education, communication
  • Understand the connection between thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and behaviour
  • Share techniques that can be used while coping with stress (apart from mindfulness)
  • Explain the differences of eustress, distress and different stages of stress reaction
  • Understand how our mind operates, how it’s influenced and how we can control it
  • Put focus on the basic categories of emotions – fear, anger, happiness, sadness, pride and love
  • Share methods of the way of council and proper feedback schema
  • Enhance tolerance, diversity and uniqueness of each and every human being and bridge to the objectives of Erasmus +
  • Share coaching techniques so the participants can pass on everything they learnt
  • Create a booklet which will be a result of the cooperation of the participants
  • Implement all above mentioned back in their home country
  • Encourage international cooperation, networking and knowledge