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04/11/2022 - 13/11/2022

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Youth exchange ‘Sustainability Loading’ aimed to increase environmental awareness and environmentally responsible behavior of the participants and indirectly of young people from their communities reached through online dissemination activities and local follow up events.

Main activity focused on the following aspects:
– sustainable development: the participants will learn about the definition, concept and meaning of sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals;
– best practices for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and living more sustainable life;
– sustainability in daily life and at home: the participants will take critical look on their lifestyle and identify concrete steps leading to more sustainable living in terms of the energy consumption, consumption of material resources;
– increasing environmental awareness and environmentally responsible behavior through local and international actions based on ideas developed during youth exchange

Objectives of the youth exchange were:
– to increase knowledge on sustainability: the concept, meaning; -to exchange good practices on sustainability focusing on youth; -to inspire participants to live more sustainable lifestyle;
– to raise knowledge on Erasmus + Programme, project management;
– to provide space for developing new projects, initiatives encouraging young people to live more greener and sustainable life;
– to strengthen partnerships between the organizations and to create a base for future cooperation.

Participants were from Spain Spain, Serbia Serbia, Italy Italy, North Macedonia North Macedonia, Turkey Turkey and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 7 participants from each country.