Sustainable Development Generation

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Dátum konania
07/12/2021 - 14/12/2021

Miesta konania
Cairo, Egypt

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What’s our responsibility as youth workers in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? How can we design sustainable workshops at the same time we teach our trainees about the SDGs and its impact on everyone’s future? These are the core questions that created a need for “SDGeneration” project.
Understanding the importance of Education in raising active and concerned citizens that will contribute positively for a livable world made us reflect, along with 9 other partners, about a Training Course to empower other Youth Workers and Educational Professionals with the necessary skills and tools to make their own contribution on Sustainable Development. The partners identified the need to know more about UN’s role, what are exactly the SGDs and how can we all work in order to achieve them. This way, we started designing the project and we understood it would be necessary to create 2 linked international activities to have the time to provide a quality training about the topic (a first training course to provide the knowledge and the tools for creating sustainable
educational sessions, and a second training course to evaluate the outcomes, practice the gained skills and improve them) and give time to develop local activities so participants could practice and improve even further their skills.

The SDGeneration was made of 2 different activities, the first one in Beja and the second one in Cairo. For both activities we had 20 participants per country; 2 trainers from Check-IN and 1 from BWF with various years of experience in youth work, project management, youth policies and direct contact with young people, specialists in
management and entrepreneurship, and 1 staff member. There were 10 countries involved: Portugal, Egypt, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Jordan, Greece, Algeria, Georgia and Morocco. 

Účastníci budú z Talianska Italy, Grécka Greece, Španielska Spain, Alžírska Algeria, Egyptu  Egypt, Jordánska  Jordan, Tuniska Tunisia, Maroka Macau, Portugalska Portugal a Slovenska Slovakia. Z každej krajiny bude po 2 účastníkov.