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Dátum konania
01/03/2020 - 31/10/2021

Miesta konania
Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania

Typ projektu:

Cieľom tohto projektu je zlepšiť kvalitu Erasmus+ projektov a zručnosti ich organizátorov, prostredníctvom vytvorenia ?aplikácie, ktorá poskytne užitočné informácie o tom ako konať v prípade rôznych problémov, núdzových či mimoriadnych situáciách, ktoré sa počas výmen alebo tréningov môžu vyskytnúť:
– nehody či zranenia,
– problémy s cestou, jedlom, ubytovaním, programom,
– konflikty či násilie,
– požiar či problémy s počasím a iné)
a prípadne ako aj predchádzať takýmto rizikám.

Viac informácií o čom projekt je v angličtine:

“The Airbag of Erasmus+” aims to improve the quality of Erasmus + projects and the skills of youth workers, providing them with practical and useful tools to be trained and then act appropriately in emergency situations or incidents that arise during a project (mainly KA1 and ESC). The AIRBAG+ will actually be a collection of protocols that established how to act in case of serious injuries, deaths, fires, violence, allergic attacks and all those accidents that are not contemplated in the official documents and guide.


The specific objectives of the project are to:

–  Improve Erasmus + projects from the point of view of quality, solution of accidents and risk prevention.

–  Provide youth workers with the necessary skills to deal with emergency / accident / risky situations in a successful manner, minimizing the consequences.

– Give to young people who participate in these projects a greater guarantee of safety and reliability.

–   Get available a real information, based on years of experience, so youth workers who needs it can totally trust.


An intellectual output – a mobile application and web platform will be created and that will collect the experience of the involved entities and their network, in order to unify the information and make it accessible for anyone may need it. It will be a transnational digital instrument where information and action protocols will be collected in order to face and quickly respond to risky situations that may occur in Erasmus + projects, specifically youth exchanges, training courses and volunteering activities.

It will be done in 3 phases:

I phase – a database that collects all the solutions to the detected problems and incidents.

II phase – web platform together with an iOS and Android APP, in order to prioritize the quick search for the information collected with the first output.

III phase – Pilots Tests, to be totally sure the APP works the way we projected it and has the results we expected.


AIRBAG+ is addressed to all youth workers, youth leaders, staff of organizations and responsible for youth organizations and projects. That is, those who have responsibilities and lead youth initiatives within the framework of the Erasmus+ program and European Solidarity Corps.

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