The Timeless Soul

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Dátum konania
01/06/2021 - 09/06/2021

Miesta konania
Iscar, Spain

Typ projektu:

Mládežnícka výmena bola o tom, aké sú medzigeneračné problémy, ako odbúrať bariéry predsudkov a stereotypov, ktoré sa vo vekových skupinách vytvárajú.

Viac informácií o mládežníckej výmene:

Europe is aging, according to the 2019 Report on Demographic Aging produced by the Working Group on Population Aging of the EU Economic Policy Committee. In four decades around two million older people will be part of the world population. On the other hand, the world in which we live is different from that in which we were born, that is, much more urbanized and with an accelerated technological advance. Consider the following, about three-quarters of the elderly population is not adapted to development, a percentage that tends to increase in the coming decades. On the other hand, we have the context of a young adult who is “trapped” in a society that devours time and the efforts derived from stifling competitiveness in some cases, and that does not lead in most cases to having time. necessary to serve senior adults and learn from their extensive experience acquired over the years and that we are surely wasting.

General objectives of the project were:

– Identify what are the intergenerational processes and methodology, their characteristics and benefits.
– Promote processes and tools based on intergenerational exchanges of experiences based on intergenerational learning methodology and mutually benefit from their results.
– Promote cohesion and break down the barriers of prejudice and stereotypes created about age groups, promoting the intergenerational relationship between young people and senior adults.

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