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Dátum konania
06/05/2017 - 14/05/2017

Miesta konania
Paralimni, Cyprus

Typ projektu:

Odpovede od účastníkov na otázku ako bolo:

“všetko bolo úžasné až priam dokonalé takže 5* ” Dávid

“Super ? fakt ďakujem, veľmi mi to pomohlo aj v tom, že čo ďalej so školou ? a ľudia…Úplne top!” Nati

“perfektne bolo! definitivne som dostala ešte vačšiu motivaciu pracovat na sebe ” Mirna

“Za mna ? Super pocit aj ludia, ako hovori moj dobry kamarat – next one please ” Henrich

Zhrnutie o čom bola výmena:

Time, if you ask a young person to participate in an activity or volunteer for something chances are that you will get a reply that they do not have free time. We see that young people have less free time and the free time they have, they want to spend sleeping or just unwinding. We see how young people have so much stress either related to school work or to finding employment. Through all of these we find that young people find no time to participate in any sporting activities or exercises and this leads to a very unhealthy lifestyle. We see that young people are suffering from medical problems like diabetes and obesity at very young ages. This is also as a result of an unhealthy diet.

This project will examined the underlying problems or reasons for these problems from the perspective of young people. Is our educational system to intense? Are our options for healthy diets limited? Where is the missing link between information and knowledge regarding a healthy lifestyle? These are some of the questions we want to answer during this project so that we can share the answers with young people all over Europe.

During the project we examined why young people why young people are not active in sports, are they lazy, is access to sport limited, or are we not educated on the subject enough to be motivated to participate? We will also look at diet choices and understand why we prefer processed foods instead of fresh healthy foods, are they cheaper, are they easier to find or don’t we know the differences?

Na výmene boli účastníci z Chorvátska Croatia, Cypru Cyprus, Česka, Czechia, Estónska Estonia, Grécka Greece, Lotyšska Latvia, Rumunska Romania, Turecka Turkey a Slovenska Slovakia.