Volunteer at Children’s Village

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Dátum konania
01/02/2021 - 31/12/2021

Miesta konania
Graz, Austria

Typ projektu:

Baví ťa práca s deťmi a rád/a by si sa venoval/a tým, ktorí to v živote nemali ľahké? Tak je tento dlhodobý dobrovoľnícky program vrámci “Európskeho zboru solidarity” práve pre teba!

Project description 

The Children’s Village is a youth welfare institution who cares for children and youngsters as legal guardian. The target group of the Children’s Village are children and young people in a state of social need, who cannot live in their original family and are therefore sheltered in the Children’ s Village by the youth welfare. Due to the children’s socialization conditions which are unfavourable to the development of the personality they are disadvantaged in many fields, such as personal development, integration in the school, ability to take part in group activities etc. Around 40 children from 7-18 years coming from different provinces live in the Children’s Village. The staff consists of professional workers such as for example e.g. psychologists, teachers, social workers, youth workers, etc.

On-arrival training and mid-term training provided with cooperation with the Austrian NA; regular project visits, mentoring, mediation, crisis management, evaluation/reports and support for volunteers; at least one intensive German language course.

Basic requirement is the will of caring out activities with and for youngsters with a difficult family background. The Volunteer should have an easy approach to children and proove that they have neither fears nor prejudices in taking care of social disadvantaged people. Due to the particular situation of the Children’s Village, we are looking for a mature, responsible and tolerant volunteers.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will live in a shared apartment with single bedrooms, but shared cooking, washing, laundry, bathroom and social facilities. The volunteer will receive 230,00 € for food/month. Additionally, the volunteer has the possibility to have lunch AND dinner for free at the host organization on all his/her working days. The host organisation will provide a monthly ticket for the public transport. The volunteer will take the bus to go to work. The volunteers will be provided with one German Course, at least.

Prihlasovanie je možné prostredníctvom emailu, kde nám zašlite životopis v AJ a krátky motivačný list na esc@adelslovakia.org


Viac informácií čo ESC vlastne je si môžete prečítať v tomto článku: https://www.adelslovakia.org/moznosti-pre-vas/dobrovolnictvo-v-zahranici