We GROW “EQ learning for YOUTH”

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18/09/2022 - 24/09/2022

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With our project we wished to address the need of youth workers for continuous professional development with a focus on competences to support the development of the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the social skills of young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEETs.

The objectives of the project were to:

(1) To increase the skills of Youth Workers and update their methodologies so as to better support young people with fewer opportunities to improve their Emotional Intelligence including social skills, adaptability, stress management and general attitude.
(2) To help young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEET to develop basic and transversal cognitive, and especially emotional and social skills, using innovative approaches. These skills are becoming increasingly important for education performance and employability.
(3) To provide youth organisations with a structured coaching programme that enhances self- awareness and self- management of personal emotions.


The training equiped the youth professionals with practical tools to use in their work utilizing Emotional Intelligence in non-formal learning.Through the development of Emotional Intelligence, the youth workers will support young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEETs to enhance their school performance, reduce possibilities for early school leaving and gain employment.


In broad lines, the training included the following elements:

• DAY 1- Intro to the project, the training, the context (Erasmus+ Programme, State of the Art in Youth Work in the partner countries, characteristics and needs of young people who are low- performing at school, early school leavers, and/ or NEET.
• DAY 2- Emotional Intelligence Basics. What is Emotional Intelligence? Overview of the theory of Daniel Goleman who made EQ a famous term.
• DAY 3- Our approach to EQ. How can we mix EQ practices and non-formal learning in youth work to support young low-performers, school leavers, and NEET.
• DAY 4- Practical tools to cultivate EQ in everyday youth work.
• DAY 5- Lessons learnt, appliance of learning in our countries, evaluation, dissemination and follow-up agreements.


Infopack – WeGROW_LTTA in Italy_Training Infopack_18-24.09.2022

Agenda – WeGROW_LTTA in Italy_Agenda_18-24.09.2022