Winter Sport is Coming – meeting

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Dátum konania
24/11/2019 - 27/11/2019

Typ projektu:

Stretnutie na Sardínii pre trénerov a mladých ľudí, ktorí aktívne praktizujú zimný šport. Na stretnutí sme spoločne s ďalšími z iných krajín plánovali tábory o zimných športov.

Viac informácií o projekte:

Project “Winter Sport is Coming” aims to promote winter sports not only as physical activity, but also as educational tool to support social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and European citizenship among young people from different backgrounds by development and implementation of “Winter Sports Camp”. From long-term perspective, aim of the project is to increase participation of young people in Winter Sports and create model of camp that will include elements of non-formal education methods and can be implemented by other sport organizations in the future.

There will be several activities and meetings during next 2 years:

  1. kick-off meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia (April 2019)
  2. research on existing national and European Winter Sports good practices (May – August 2019)
  3. preparation of Winter Sports Camp (September – November 2019)
  4. mid-term meeting in Sardinia (December 2019)
  5. Winter Sports Camp in each country (January – March 2020)
  6. preparation of publication and other promotion materials for other sport clubs or institutions (April – August 2019)
  7. final Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria (September 2019)

The project was developed by partnership of 3 NGOs from Slovakia (ADEL), Italy (Mine Vaganti), Bulgaria (Bulgarian Sports Development Association) and Ski Club Rijeka from Croatia. Composed consortium presents innovative aspect of the project due cooperation of organizations experienced in the educational use of sport and by sport club itself. Therefore project provides synergy between Winter Sport practice and non-formal education (with a specific focus on the educational use of sport).

Impact on young people taking part in the camp will be the following:

– knowledge about various Winter Sports.
– improved physical fitness and participation in physical activity, particularly in Winter Sports.
– increased attitudes of tolerance, intercultural dialogue and relational skills.
– acquisition of soft skills and transversal skills (flexibility, entrepreneurial sense and initiative, goal-oriented thinking, planning, teamwork)

Impact on Winter Sports trainers and clubs involved will be the following:

– knowledge and skills on researching best practices in Winter Sports.
– knowledge of non-formal education methods and competences in using them in combination with Sports.
– skills and experience in implementing educational activities with young people through the use of Sports.
– contacts with NGOs working in the field of sport and non-formal education.
– motivation and capacities to take part in further initiatives.