YEE-nclude: inclusion in environmental youth projects

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Dátum konania
02/04/2017 - 09/04/2017

Miesta konania
Horažďovice, Czech Republic

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Zhrnutie o čom tréning bol:

The project aimed to provide youth workers and youth leaders with knowledge and skills in addressing inclusion in order to organise quality environmental projects and activities that ensure equal support, participation and learning.

The objectives of the project were:

– to provide theoretical knowledge and practical competences to youth workers on the topic of inclusion;

– to explore ways that stimulate participation and volunteering in the environmental field;

– to share experiences and exchange practices in dealing with exclusion of different collectives;

– to explore appropriate non-formal educational methodology for working with young people with fewer opportunities (e.g. how can games be used for inclusion).

In the programme of the training course participants explored the topic of inclusion, discuss about the various difficulties young people can face in their community and how organisations can reach such collectives. They through the sessions based learning mainly through non-formal educational methodology.

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Na tréningu boli účastníci z Nemecka Germany, Grécka Greece, Poľska Poland, Rumunska Romania, Španielska Spain, Česka Czechia, Veľkej Británie vb a samozrejme Slovenska Slovakia.