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Dátum konania
01/11/2019 - 30/04/2020

Miesta konania
Athens, Greece

Typ projektu:

Ponuka vycestovať na dobrovoľnícky pobyt (ESC) do Atén na 6 mesiacov so začiatkom 1 novembra. Dobrovoľníci budu pripravovať pre mládež podujatia zamerané na spoznávanie nových kultúr, životné prostredie, učenie sa jazykov a umelecké a hudobné workshopy.

Viac informácií:

NGO KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities will give the opportunity to 4 young people between the ages of 18 and 30, from Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Slovakia to travel to Athens-Greece and experience what is really like to volunteer abroad, through the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering Project entitled “Youth4Youth” (Y4Y).

The project “Youth4Youth” is a Volunteering project that will take place in the city of Athens in Greece and will last for 6 months (184 days + 2 travel days).

The main topics addressed by the activity are cultural diversity and exchange as well as intercultural dialogue, environmental awareness, quality use of youth free time and volunteering. During the activity, the volunteers will contribute with their ideas, knowledge and skills to the implementation of qualitative activities for local youngsters in need of empowerment. They will engage in diverse activities for young people such as language exchanges, cultural tandems, art labs, music workshops, environmental laboratories, coding lessons and more.

Working schedule and days off
30 hours per week (6 hours/day, depending on the needs), 5 days per week which also include staff meetings and language lessons and 2 consecutive days off per week (the exact days will depend on the weekly schedule). What is more, each volunteer will have 2 days of holiday per month, however, request of days off or any other changes related to the days off, must be notified at least 7 days in advance to the Task Coordinator of the Hosting Organisation, who will give the final answer.

Support and Guidance
Through the whole project, a Mentor will provide personal support to the volunteers through the regular meetings with them and will be the link between the volunteers and the rest of the people involved in the project. The Mentor will provide psychological support and help to the volunteers, will mediate any conflicts and help in crisis situations that may occur, will help the volunteers to get integrated within the organisation, the project and the local community and will assist them in dealing with administrative procedures or healthcare system in our country, if necessary. A Task Coordinator/ Supervisor will monitor the overall progress of the project, the volunteers and the tasks and activities carried out by them. Will set along with the volunteers the long-term plan of the project’s activities and supervise it, will set and monitor the educational aims of the project and will ensure practicalities such as accommodation, language support, pocket-money, local transportation, days off and holiday.

The volunteers will be accommodated in an apartment on the 5th floor of a building in the city centre of Athens (5 minutes far away from the Electric Railway Station and the Metro Station and 2 minutes away from the bus stop) and will be hosted in double-rooms shared with another volunteer of the same gender.
The apartment is fully equipped and its characteristics are the following:

✓ 1 Living room
✓ 1 Kitchen
✓ 2 Bathrooms
✓ 3 Wide shared bedrooms (Each bedroom hosts 2 people)
✓ Hot water through boiler
✓ Heating and cooling through air conditions
✓ Towels, Sheets, Pillows, Blankets
✓ Free unlimited Wi-Fi internet connection
✓ Shared washing machine
X Cleaning service is not provided therefore volunteers are responsible for the tidiness and the cleaning of the apartment.
The conditions of the accommodation will be known and previously accepted by the volunteers.

Local transportation
Our organisation is covering the transportation of the volunteers from the accommodation to the workplace and vice versa. Each volunteer will be provided with a monthly transportation card for local unlimited transportation with all means (Metro/ Bus/ Train, etc.).

Each month the volunteers will receive “food allowance” – a specific amount of money which will be used to cover food needs and amounts to 100€/ per month.

Pocket money
Each month the volunteers will receive “pocket money” – a specific amount of money which is set by the Erasmus+ Programme Guide according to the standard of living of each country. In this case, the pocket money for Greece amounts to 150€/ per month.

The participants-volunteers of the project “Youth4Youth” will undertake the following tasks during their volunteering activity:
Developing and organising the weekly activities of the “Youth Center” in collaboration with the task coordinator.

  • Preparing the sessions of the “Youth Center” (language exchanges, cultural tandems, art labs, music workshops, environmental laboratories, coding lessons, etc.). Designing an accurate plan, preparing needed materials and logistics.
  • Implementing and supporting the activities of the “Youth Center” (Reception of beneficiaries, registration, preparation of space and logistics equipment, implementation of the undertaken activities)
  • Implementing dissemination & visibility activities to promote the “Youth Center” and the services offered and dissemination of results.
  • Searching for new volunteers for the support of the “Youth Center” activities (e-mails, announcements, phone communication).
  • Organising and conducting meetings with other organisations, institutions and groups, for the networking and support of the “Youth Center”.
  • Organising and attending coordination meetings with old and new volunteers, involved in the “Youth Center”, evaluating the provided services and planning new ones.
  • Implementing care and maintenance activities of the space of the “Youth Center”.
  • Being actively involved – participation and support – in the operation of “The Volunteer Network”.

The Volunteer Network operates with the aim to organise-arrange systematically voluntary activities in different regions of Attica, with a special focus on urban parks and urban green areas, which are precious and important for people’s lives, as well as to participate and assist in voluntary activities organised by other NGOs, voluntary groups and other private and public bodies.

The Volunteer Network contributes to a wide variety of tasks and activities, such as, creative or/and educational activities addressed to young people/students/ children, organisation & implementation of voluntary activities (cleaning activities, emergency response and assistance to natural disasters), planting activities/ gardening activities, care, maintenance and preservation activities in parks, urban green spaces and gardens, painting/ beautification and maintenance activities.

  • Developing and disseminating an online brochure which will describe your experience.
  • Implementing dissemination and visibility activities promoting your volunteering activity and the European solidarity Corps program, as well as project’s results.
  • Attending language courses on the OLS Platform of the European Commission.
  • Attending weekly monitoring and evaluation meetings with the task coordinator and the mentor.

By participating in the project “Youth4Youth” you will gain or/and improve the following knowledge, skills and behaviours:

  • The ability to organize voluntary initiatives for the quality development of young people’s leisure time and their awareness on contemporary social issues.
  • Develop environmental awareness, gain knowledge about major environmental issues and develop competences to carry out environmental workshops for young people.
  • Get to know other cultures, develop intercultural skills and the ability to engage in intercultural dialogue.
  • Skills to conduct intercultural activities for young people and develop tolerance towards diversity.
  • Get to know other languages and acquire skills in organising language exchange initiatives.
  • Raise awareness on contemporary social issues such as cultural diversity, immigration, racism, poverty, bullying etc.
  • Develop creativity, knowledge and competences on the use of the arts for learning purposes.
  • Learn about non-formal education and develop skills on applying it.
  • Learn how to develop and undertake initiatives and strengthen your active citizenship, participation and belonging.
  • Develop skills on the use of technological media and acquire basic knowledge in programming.
  • Develop skills on the use of social media, on the creation of communication material and on the implementation of communication activities, as well as computer skills, emails-writing skills and the ability to use and develop audio-visual material.
  • Develop team spirit and the capability to work and cooperate within a multicultural environment.
  • Develop or/and improve communication skills, self-confidence and self-esteem and acquire the ability to undertake self-assessment and to monitor your own learning process and progress, as well as improve your ability to take decisions and set goals.
  • Improve and upgrade English language skills and learn a new language – the Greek language.

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