A deep diving in the wonders of Mas Les Vinyes

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A deep diving in the wonders of Mas Les Vinyes

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Few weeks ago, in a time feeling already like a very long time, in another age, in another times, me and 30 other young people, coming from all over Europe had the chance to meet, to bound and to share in a very remote place at the foot of the Pyrenees thanks to project Active Permaculture.

We have been invited to explore, to see and to understand the concept and the principles of permaculture, as a system for the sustainability of people, communities and life in general, in a wonderful, and caring organization.

We listened to each other, and through the activities proposed by each national team, and by the organizers of this youth exchange, we experienced life in a permaculture place for a few days, through these little lenses. 

We felt grateful for everything, as an amazing opportunity to make friends from all over Europe and to take a step out of our comfort zones, to reach for hope for a better world, mixing self awareness and global consciousness, in a dance of happiness and caring. 

Thank you ADEL Slovakia for making that possible, thank to the organizing team for carrying the project and hosting us, youth has power, and we were glad to be part of this collective daydream “

Bye bye Rémi