Ako sa cudzincom páčilo Slovensko a naša výmena

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Ako sa cudzincom páčilo Slovensko a naša výmena

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Nižšie si môžete prečítať spätnú väzbu od účastníkov našej výmeny  s názvom “Rural Areas for You(th), You(th) for Rural Areas” ktorá sa konala v dňoch 23 – 31 marca in Červenom kláštore. Na výmene bolo 35 účastníkov zo 7 krajín (Cyprus, Estónsko, Taliansko, Poľsko, Španielsko, Turecko, Slovensko). Zopár fotiek si môžete pozrieť nižšie a viac na našej facebook stránke: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1028214350645807.1073741941.305410102926239&type=1&l=a91cb75971

„This was a lifechanging experience. Youth Exchange made me realized countless opportunities that being a young European offers. I have positively changed in so many ways during these 7 days than I haven’t in my whole life. I have fallen in love  with the various cultures and personalities participanting in this program and the breath-taking views of Cerveny Klastor.“ Mikaella, Cyprus

„I was pleasantly surprised. The youth exchange was organised very professionally and interestingly. Participants were also extremely funny, helpful and social. I wish aI had known about youth exchanges earlier.“ Eduard, Estonia

„Slovakia and her people are wonderful. I love the rural areas from Slovakia and I think that it’s very productive to promote it with photographies. Slovakia has got an interesting natural heritage. Lenka you are the best. Barbara Gracias!“ Pablo, Spain

„It was a very good youth Exchange, with nice activities, especially the outdoor ones. I gained new knowledge about photography and I was convinced to use manual mostly while taking pictures. The group was one of the best that I have met during many of YE-s and TC-s.“ Bartosz, Poland

„Living the moment and new experiences it the most important things in life. Meet new people and new cultures from cifferent EU countries, a lot of activities to do like rafting, hiking and educational skills, good accomodation in the mountains. Amazing Experience. Recommended.“ Rogiros, Cyprus

„I rediscovered the positivity of the world and especially of the young generation.“ Erik, Estonia

„My first experiences happened in this rural area 🙂 Firstly, hiking was amazing for me because it was my first time and I was so scared. But I had really nice friends with me and they helped me. Now, I have amazing friends in the world. I don’t want to come back, because her I learned being better person, more social and friendly. I love you!“ Sevval, Turkey

„I liked the fact that I improved my English I found a lot of friends and learned about photoshop and photography. And I really liked the work of the organizer Lenka. I am very grateful that you fulfilled my special food requirements.“ Diana, Poland

„Youth Exchange allow you to improve your English and soft skills and share a fantastic experience with fantastic people. It’s just great! Youth Exchange allow you to visit very beautiful places and to give them the right importance. I will suggest this experience to all my friends. Thank you!“ Emanuelle, Italy

YE  was a really great experience for me. Before coming here I had no particular expectations since this project is for „free“. However, despite the fact that budget was 35euros per person organizers have managed to keep us active, entertained and joyful during every stage. Definitely returning back to Cyprus with good memories, nice experiences and great friends. Thanks for the memories.“ George, Cyprus

„This YE had been a great opportunity about discovering a beautiful country and meeting very interesting people. Workshops about photography and photoshop had been very interesting for me because I would like taking and editing photos more professionally. Learning about another cultures in intercultural nights had been amazing and very funny.“ Ivan, Spain.

„That was such a good project, I will miss people, activities, our team work. It was nice to know more about other countries, cultures, their food. I know much more about rural areas and I learned how to use softwer in photography. I liked it very much. I can’t say goodbye, just see you soon.“ Maciej, Poland

„It was my first YE. I was a bit older than the other participants but it didn’t mater in the end cause people had same interests and they were friendly. We improved our photography skills and got out to see the nature of Slovakia and the rural areas. It was great experience.“ Maria, Estonia

„Youth exchange played a significant role in my self development and awareness leading to enhanced self confidence and self-esteemn! Integration into a new enviroment as well as the development of life long friendships in just 7 days will remain in my heart forever! Thank you for an amazing youth exchange.“ Meropi, Cyprus

„My first sentence of course is that now I am very happy, this opportunity is unique. I came without expectations and they have been overecome for people, for the activities, for the workshops about photography, by the views. Thanks for opending a new window and door on the different opportunities on Erasmus+.“ Macarena, Spain

„I had the best experience. Being Estonian and haven’t seen any mountains. I loved hiking and the adventures with that. Also it was good to learn about photography.“ Kristina, Estonia


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