Športový týždeň na Rural Movez

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Športový týždeň na Rural Movez

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Dear readers, in this article all of us participants of the project will try to give you our insight into what we experienced in the project during our 8 days. You may be wondering what Erasmus+ project looks like, yet to be honest, the best is to experience it on your own.

The whole project took us to a mansion in Rakičan, a magnificent village close to Murska Sobota, a beautiful town of a close proximity to the borders of 3 other countries: Hungary, Austria and Croatia. Thanks to such location, we could feel the fresh air and the far away breeze from the sea even in April. The participants from other countries joined us from diverse nooks of Europe: Romania, Poland, Slovenia. On top of that, we got to meet 2 people from Turkey, who were part of the Polish group.

The first days at the accommodation are filled with activities that are supposed to make people get to know each other, which is all filled with fun and entertainment. As a result, we were all more likely to talk more openly and connect deeper throughout the days. After these activities we took nice strolls, played sports games at a nearby field and enjoyed each other's company. The whole project was about the importance of sports (or any type of movement) in our lives, which we were reminded of. Not only did we engage in sports activities, we were also discussing the importance of mental health awareness and methods on how to overcome hardships in our lives. We, the Slovak national group, had the opportunity to make multiple workshops regarding this theme. I have to say we took on the role with as much caution and commodity as we could have. Regarding the other nations, they also provided us with workshops of their own choice, such as how to weave a crown out of grass.

Continuing with each of our experiences.

Tamara Radvanská
This project has provided me with numerous new skills and knowledge. Not only did I get to meet and engage with new people, yet I also got to learn new things regarding different cultures, their food and customs. For sure I improved my English speaking skills. Yet the most profitable for me were the workshops focused on healthy nutrition, mental health as well as movement. Spending lots of time in nature made wonders to my soul. Thanks to encountering new people I learned how to work in a team filled with new members that I do not know as much. Once I joined working in a team, bettering myself in English speaking skills and coming up with new ideas, I knew that I experienced more than I had firstly anticipated. Out of all the workshops mentioned above, the most favourable for me was the barefoot walking one. A little theory window for you: I learned that barefoot walking engages feet muscles that we do not intend to use when walking with shoes. It also aids us to hold our body correctly, improves body balance, reduces stress and aims to increase connection with nature. Not to forget, it clears one´s mind, as during the walk we put all of our attention to where we put our feet. I have to give credits for this workshop to our Slovak participant, Viktória Horosová for teaching us all about barefoot walking.

Viktória Horosová

For me this was my first experience with Erasmus+ projects, and I have to say it was incredibly unique. All of the other national groups were amazing. Despite that, I mostly got on well with our Slovak national group. We really connected and even after the project we still keep in touch and meet up. It was great for me to be able to be myself the whole time without any judgement, especially with the Slovaks. In relation to the programme, it was truly interesting and great thanks to the fact that I got to unwind myself. Even though I got to relax, I still had to be creative and do some work. During all of that, I did not have the time to think about my responsibilities back at home. About the participants from other countries, I exchanged contact with some, as well as some home remedies for sore throat (which was my lifesaver throughout the project). For me this was an incredible experience and for sure I would like to take some time out in the future in another Erasmus+ project.

Dávid Papcún
It was great, even though at the beginning a little bit difficult for me to adapt myself to customs different to what I am used to. After a few days and the first walk into the town I felt more comfortable and relaxed. Some of the team activities were more demanding, sometimes even uncomfortable, yet every time we overcame it all with the others. During the day I also had some spare time for myself, which helped me a lot. I got to rest and learn how to cooperate with a wide range of people, tasks and surroundings, in which I had never been before. This all has high advantages for me in the future.

Barbota Liptáková
From my personal experience, this Erasmus+ project was one of the best decisions ever. As this was my first experience regarding these types of projects, from the beginning I was a little bit sceptic and held a deep respect towards the project. Right after the arrival and meet up with other participants I felt a deep relief and the fear washed itself away. I knew then that it was going to be unforgettable week full of new adventures and memories for life. I profoundly appreciate the opportunity to have visited nearby towns, natural and cultural sights as a part of our schedule. I would also like to underline initial activities to get to know each other, which have helped me to acknowledge participants from other countries. I do not even feel the need to mention cultural nights, as familiarising myself with the cultural prospects of each other by the eyes of its inhabitants is an experience of its own (as well as tasting of cultural snacks and food).
Focusing on the topic of mental health, I deeply appreciate the fact that we have been given an opportunity to create our own workshops, thanks to which we could demonstrate how we perceive this sensitive topic. In addition to mental health during the project, the surroundings of the project were prosperous to a high degree. Being surrounded by nature and to forget about all of the worries for a bit brought a piece of mind in me. Of course I cannot forget to mention the leisure time we have been given, which was enormously enough for us to create new friendships. I am astonishingly happy to have experienced this exact Erasmus+ project, my first but definitely not the last. I recommend everyone, who is even slightly thinking about attending such a project, to step out of one's comfort zone and try it out. It is worth it.