Unveiling Sardinia: A Week of Cultural Enrichment and Lifelong Memories

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Unveiling Sardinia: A Week of Cultural Enrichment and Lifelong Memories

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What could happen on such project? What did we do throughout the whole week spent in a magnificent village on the beautiful island of Sardinia? Let us tell you all about that.

We spent the first day travelling to the location of the venue, and since we had enough time to get there, a few of us travelling together decided to take the opportunity to see Cagliari. Cagliari is located on the southern coast of Sardinia, where our plane landed. The things and the sea we got to see have reserved their place in our minds forever. 

The next few days were full of getting to know participants from other countries, who were from Sardinia, Portugal, Spain and Greece. The activities were fully entertaining and it brought us a lot of laughter. Not to forget, the timing of the project was perfect, as there was a festival conducted right in the square of the Sant’Andrea, the village where the project took place. Needless to say, the locals were very sweet and welcoming, wanting to get to know us as well.

Regarding the topic of the project, we spent a lot of time doing activities that included analysing information and putting them on the paper for others to see. We also had fun doing social media posts, such as podcast and instagram reel. Some of us took part in performing a small dance, creating collage and designing landing page on the topic. The whole theme followed the slogan: Should I stay or should I go…? You can only imagine how many times we have heard the song that comes to almost everyone’s mind.

If you would like to see some outcomes, go to the official instagram account of the hosting organisation: @associazionemalik, where you can find some videos and the reel mentioned above as well.

What about our thoughts on the project? Here are our answers:

Daniel Dulovič

The project was very enriching for me. Both in terms of knowledge and cultural and experiential aspects. I learned more than I had expected. The project exceeded my expectations. I recommend everyone to participate in an Erasmus+ project at least once in their lifetime.

Anita Kinclová

The “Time to Stay, Time to Learn” project in Sardegna was an incredible experience. I gained valuable insights into the issue of school dropout in an engaging and stress-free environment. Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet many amazing individuals and get to know more about their cultures during the multi-cultural evenings. I highly recommend everyone to participate in an Erasmus+ project if given a chance.

Laura Hudzíková

As a recurrent participant on these types of project, I can only strongly recommend everyone to take such opportunity and go to visit another country. The experiences you get to have, the people you get to see and the unwinding of mind you get to feel is indescribable. It is something a person must experience on their own. What I particularly liked on this project is the free time we got to spend however we wanted, as on other projects as well. I decided to take nice walks around the village, see what it has got to bring. Going for the best coffee I could have ever had. Yet the best part for me was the people, especially our Slovak group. How we connected, laughed and understood each other is an experience of its own. So people, even if you are slightly hesitating, go for it!