EUlectionplay, European Parliament election youth ambassadors

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EUlectionplay, European Parliament election youth ambassadors


At the end of 2023, we held a competition for the most creative handling of the topic, “You too participate in the 2024 EP elections”, in which participants competed to become ambassadors of the European Parliament elections. Several participants entered the competition with interesting contributions and we selected 7 ambassadors. Their task was to organize events in their school or community aimed at motivating young people to participate in civic participation and participate in the EP elections in 2024. All the ambassadors did their job perfectly and they were also asked to prepare a short video summarizing the atmosphere of the workshop. We think that they managed to do it quite well. What do you think ?

Simona and her workshop

Andrea and her workshop

Workshop in Bratislava 

Viktoria and her workshop 

Daniel and his workshop 

Alexandra and her workshop 

Mária and her workshop 

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