About Us

We are NGO that implement diverse projects, trainings, youth exchanges and other educational activities, organize various events, conduct research and analysis and cooperate with wide network of institutions.

We work both, at:

INTERNATIONAL LEVEL – our activities and projects include:

–  organizing youth exchanges, trainings, conferences in Slovakia and hosting participants from various countries in our country,

– sending Slovak youngsters for youth exchanges, trainings and EVS abroad,

– long – term cooperation with NGOs from around the world within KA2 – strategic partnership, capacity building, Sport action, Europe for Citizens projects (diverse projects about topics such as entrepreneurial education, migration, hate speech, active citizenship, water sports etc.)

LOCAL and NATIONAL LEVEL – we organize: workshops, discussions, contests etc. Depends on our current projects, sometimes our activities are unique, e.g. we interviewed refugees in order to find out their stories, problems and needs and to share them with the public in order to create a more open and intercultural society or did interviews with people who fighted communism in Slovakia…and many more.

We have headquarter in Bratislava, but we organize various activities all around Slovakia.  More information about our projects and activities can be find on our website:  https://www.adelslovakia.org/en/

We cover a broad scale of topics according to what our target group find interesting (e.g. youth participation, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, sport, healthy lifestyle, peace-building, but also art and culture). All of our projects and activities are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural learning, social inclusion and active participation.

Lucia Svata

(Project coordinator)

Lucia Redajova

(Mobility Coordinator)

Sinan Biçer

(Project Assistent)
Patrik Spišák

Patrik Spisak


Matus Mihalik

(Cameraman / Photographer)

Filip Knazek

(Be the Change & Stay Sane - coordinator)

Alan Le Van

(BRAVE New You - coordinator)

Denisa Karabova

(Eco-Friendly Sports - research)