After selection: about travel

We always create a facebook group or other discussion forum after all selected participants confirm their participation. Thus, participants can agree on the most suitable way of transport but also prepare and solve all organizational and logistical issues.

1. choose a suitable flight / bus / train - ADEL mobility coordinator always look at the cheapest and most suitable travel options and suggest you the date and time to travel, but participants can also agree on another connection that suits them better. Unless otherwise specified in the info pack, that is always sent to the selected participants, in addition to the official project dates, you can arrive to the country with a maximum difference of 2 days. For example, 2 days before the start of the project, leave 2 days after the project or 1 day before the project and stay 1 day longer after the project. If you would stay more than 2 days more, the host organization might not reimburse your travel costs. It is important to mention that food and accommodation during these "extra" days are not covered by the host organization neither by ADEL and must be paid by the participants themselves. Participants use this opportunity if they want to see the city or its surroundings more, meet friends, do shopping, etc. Unless otherwise specified in the info pack, the first and last day of the project are usually for travel. For example, the project starts on 1 October, you should arrive at the venue on 1 October, in the afternoon or evening. If the project ends on October 10, you can leave on October 10 in the morning. For each project there is a maximum limit for travel costs determined by the European Commission based on the distance from Slovakia (it is either 80, 170, 275 or 360 euros). This limit is published for each project and can not be raised. Travel costs will always be reimbursed up to a given amount, therefore we always try to find a connection that would be up to the amount of the limit and participants do not have to pay anything for travel costs from their own. For each project it is possible to "fit" to that limit and find good and cheap connection.

2. before purchasing a ticket, it is necessary to send a printscreen of the flight proposal or train or bus connection to the created facebook group or to the email (in case selected flight is different from the one proposed by ADEL mobility coordinator)

3. wait for response and approval from us. Once its approved, you can purchase a ticket or airline ticket, preferably via this link: http: / / . If you have never bought a ticket before, write to us and we will help you with that. After you get your ticket on your email, send it to us at

5. 5. in the case of travel by plane, it is necessary to make an online check-in and print out the boarding passes the day before departure, preferably twice (this is always reminded later before departure by ADEL mobility coordinator too)

It doesn't matter, you can travel by bus or train from Slovakia to one of the near airports - whether Vienna, Budapest, Brno, Prague, Katowice, Krakow, if the flight is cheaper than from Slovak airports.

Sometimes it's possible, but only if it's a cheaper, significantly faster and environmentally friendly solution. Of course, this is also only possible if more than one or two participants travel by car.

Unfortunately not, all participants must start their journey in Slovakia and also return to Slovakia

No - it is not possible due to the ban of the double funding. This is a rule of the European Commission that finances Erasmus + projects. However, you can apply for our projects after you return back to Slovakia.

We have experience from previous projects and many participants that participants tend to cancel their participation many times, almost without reason, even a few weeks or even days before the project, what cause us many problems. Each project must involve a certain number of people from each country and, in addition, accommodation and meals are booked in advance for a certain number of people and their cancellation is not the easiest or free of charge. Although there are several times more applicants than places for each project, if we let someone know that he has not been selected, they make other plans. Therefore, if you want to cancel your participation after paying the fee and you want your fee to be refunded, we ask you for help in finding a replacement. If you find a suitable participant, the fee will simply be returned to you by a new participant, if you do not find a replacement, the fee will remain with us as a "credit" and you will be able to use it for any other project within the next 12 months. If you will not find any interested project, the fee will be refunded after that time. If you cancel your participation less than a week before the start of the project and you do not find a replacement, the fee will be used to cover the costs caused by the cancellation of participation, as the chances to find a replacement is also very low from our side.

If you have already purchased a ticket and want / have to cancel your participation for some serious reason, you can of course do so, but there is a problem with cancellation of the ticket. It depends on the airline; some tickets can be canceled but they will return only part of the money and you will unfortunately have to pay for the part that they will not return. According to the rules of the Erasmus + program, travel costs can only be reimbursed to those who participate in the project. Therefore, if you cancel your participation, you are not entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses.

You can do that, but those costs will not be reimbursed. In the infopack, you can always find the information how to get from the airport to the venue, and in some cases the participants are picked up by the organizers from the airport.

- first of all, we remind you to be careful and keep all travel tickets - for bus / train to the airport, boarding passes from the plane, etc. Please make sure, that you also take a picture of them by phone just in case of loose. - after returning home from the project, it is necessary to send the originals of all travel tickets to the address of the host organization and in the case of flight also boarding passes (scans or photos sent electronically are not enough, again this is a European Commission rule). The exact address will be announced to you by the hosting organization during the project or sent by email after the end of the project. You can send tickets individually or you can agree with the other participants from Slovakia and only one of you will send it for the whole group. If you only have electronic tickets, e.g. if you have done an online check-in, have boarding passes also in electronic form and someone has brought you to the airport or you have lost your ticket, then just send such tickets to the email of the host organization. The host organization will then reimburse the travel costs up to the maximum limit on travel costs published in the call.

- travel costs are not reimbursed by us, but by the host organization that received the grant to organize the project and to reimburse travel costs. Sometimes they will send money to our account after the end of the project and we will then forward them to you or they send it directly to the participants' bank accounts

- there is no exact rule and a condition how long travel costs must be reimbursed, therefore the time period varies from project to project. Some organizations, such as ours, if we host exchanges in Slovakia, we reimburse travel costs to participants within 2 weeks of delivery of all tickets. However, for some organizations, the process takes longer, also because the European Commission initially provides organizations with 80% of the grant to cover accommodation, meals and program for participants. After the end of the project, sending the final report, photos, attendance list, etc. the organization receives the remaining 20% from which the organizations reimburse travel costs. It takes approximately 2 months to reimburse travel expenses, but they are always reimbursed.