New cultures, new people new information, new adventures. Amazing experiences, even more unforgettable memories and the best spent time. If you are as demanding as me, ADEL is a good choice. It can offer you everything what you would like to gain, you just need to want it and look for it.

Dominika Bezdekova

( YE "Meeting Points" in Hungary )

I have been on several youth exchanges with ADEL and each time it was great! At each exchange, we met perfect group of people together and enjoyed it. You should definitely overcome your fear, if you have one, and travel abroad. Program is always interesting, you will improve your English and create friendships with people from different countries. I hope that I will have more opportunity to participate in some youth exchanges in the future

Silvia Oleksakova

( YE "Make it Work" in Sweden, Italy and Slovakia )

The best possible thing is traveling and getting to know great people! First project completed and I am already excited for the next ones :-) I am very thankful that we have opportunities like that :-)

Ivana Talarova

( YE "Include Me" in Cyprus )

I had an opportunity for the second time to participate in the training course with ADEL and I can not describe how satisfied I am with everything. All communications from the information that I have been chosen to return home was great. Personally, I want to thank to Lenka, who was interested all the time how is the training and even after the training how can help us even more. ADEL has a very good ranking among organizations that cooperate with since I got know it during the last training as well. I recommend to everybody who has the desire to travel and participate in quality programs to go through ADEL. There are quite many organizations on the market through which you can go abroad but it is great to go through someone who is reliable organization, which will not take you only as a number ;) Thank you!

Andrea Kutlikova

( seminar "EVS for All" in Sweden )

Awesome opportunity how to get know new people, new country, improve English skills. Thanks ADEL ;)

Ferdinand Jagelka

( training "Think Globally, Act Locally" in Belgium )

Thanks A.D.E.L. I had the opportunity to improve ma linguistic, organizational and other skills. From the project I attended I brought wonderful memories that I will keep to my death and I will always remember them. I recommend it to all persons who hesitate: stop and go ahead to try it. You will never regret it :)

Jany Pan

Jan Pan

( )

On the youth exchange in Romania was great :) Food, accommodation, program...everything over our expectations :)

Samuel Krajčovič

Samuel Krajcovic

( YE "You Are Not Alone" in Romania )

Thanks for super youth exchange in Budapest :)

Zuzana Uškertová

Zuzana Uskertova

( youth exchange "Young Europeans for Active and Healthy Habits" in Hungary )

ADEL allowed me to visit and get to know the country where I have not been. : D I met new people. I am very satisfied with services and I am going to apply for next projects :)

Natália Čardášová

Natalia Cardasova

( YE "You Are Not Alone" )

Thanks ADEL I attended already two projects from which I brought home unforgettable memories and experiences I met lot of great people, gained new friends and both projects were an amazing experience !! And I definitely want to participate in similar projects in the future. I highly recommend! ;)

Barbora Štefančinová

Barbora Stefancinova

( youth exchange "WORKIT" in Croatia )

Thanks Youth Exchange, I had the opportunity to get know another country, meet a lot of new people and I brought only beautiful and unforgettable memories from Cyprus. A.D.E.L is a young and reliable organization that takes care of its members with very high quality and therefore I recommend it to each interested candidate. Maximum satisfaction! :)

Veronika Olejarová

Veronika Olejarova

( youth exchange "Youth in C.R.I.S.I.S" in Cyprus )

Traveling is essential to a complete education.Traveling abroad teaches understanding of other people,cultures and communities and these type of experiences offer young people a greater ability to be successful in today`s global society.

Mária Žigrajová

Maria Zigrajova

( training "Learn Together, Play Together" in Spain )

Simply super :) I visited a country where I have not been, my English went under my skin so much then after youth exchange I could not remember some Slovak words: D, I met great people from other countries, we had interesting activities where we smiled a lot :) food was top :) experience ... for life! :) And all this for quite symbolic price :) So anyone who hesitate, do not hesitate and go for it! :) I also hesitated and if I hesitated more, I would stay in the same place and did not move and did not experience anything :)

Lucia Gazdurová

Lucia Gazdurova

( youth exchange "Democracy in Crisis" in Cyprus )

I am very grateful that I was given the chance to participate in something which has moved my life :). So many experience and new experiences for just a few euros. Amazing what you can experience, I recommend it to everyone because you only need to overcome the fear of the unknown :)

Soňa Senešiová

Sona Senesiova

( youth exchange "You Are Not Alone" )

20-30 years back, we did not have such opportunities to travel, know and learn. Now that we have an open door to the world, why should we be scared and not use them? I had some concernts before my first Erasmus + experience, but now I can definitely confirm that its worth it! New friendships, networking, experience, improvement of communication skills, a million crazy experiences and overall personal development. You will become completetly new person. Many thanks ADEL! Great job!

David Elias

David Elias

( youth exchange "VADIMO" in Spain )