Our Vision

Our main goals that we promote with a variety of projects and activities are:
– to increase employment of young people and to support their personal and professional development;
– to organize and mediate trainings, youth exchanges, seminars, study mobilities, internships and volunteering programs abroad;
– to encourage and promote active citizenship, civic participation, volunteering
– to stimulate the creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives of young people, to motivate them and support towards their own business;
– to encourage the responsible attitude to the nature and animals, promote a healthy lifestyle and protect the environment;
– to contribute to development of rural areas and disadvantaged regions and bring various educational opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities;
– to endorse the elimination of gender stereotypes, support integration of minorities (particularly Roma) and refugees into the society and promote equality of opportunity for all …

Our motto is: “Youth is not just a temporary state on the way to adulthood, but the space for our own journey, opinions and solutions – and we want to fill in this lack of space!”