Bye Bye Bias

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Date(s) - 11/06/2022 - 19/06/2022

Turin, Italy

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Selected participants

More info about the project:

The project was based on the three following considerations:
1. Creating stereotypes is a strategy for filtering information.
2. Our response to information overload was to select what we consider the most important data and to use categories
that permit simplification and acceleration.
3. We need prejudices and stereotypes in order to survive: they are mental shortcuts to interpreting reality especially when reality differs from that considered normal.

Bye Bye Bias aimed at…

◦ The experience of improv and theater as a tool to achieve intercultural integration and communication.
◦ The exploration of the concept of stereotypes, their risks as well as their understanding and management.
◦ The implementation of continuative local activities in 6 local communities, run by international youth workers and aimed at the involvement and integration of local cultural minorities.
◦ The exchange of non-formal practices and expertise of 6 organisations.

Participants were from Italy Italy, Spain Spain, Portugal Portugal, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Hungary Hungary and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 2 participants from each country.