Digital Job Ready: Empowering Youth Through Technology

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Date(s) - 15/06/2024 - 24/06/2024

Budapest, Hungary

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Selected participants

The “Digital Job Ready: Empowering Youth Through Technology” project addresses the urgent need for digital skills development among European youth. With 42% lacking basic digital skills and 90% of future jobs requiring digital proficiency, the project aims to bridge this gap through digital literacy training, collaboration, critical thinking development, and cultural understanding. Secondary objectives include promoting gender equality in tech, ethical considerations, and entrepreneurial spirit enhancement. Through tangible outcomes and lifelong learning support, the project strives to empower youth for success in a digital world while fostering societal involvement and alignment with European values.

Main objectives of the project
The “Digital Job Ready: Empowering Youth Through Technology” project, seen through the lens of youth exchange, endeavors to:
● Elevate Digital Literacy: Arm young participants with crucial digital proficiencies vital for navigating today’s job landscape.
● Cultivate Collaboration: Cultivate a spirit of teamwork and international cooperation among youths, fostering cross-cultural dialogue.
● Nurture Critical Thinking: Enhance problem-solving acumen through interactive tech challenges, equipping youths to address real-world issues adeptly.
● Champion Cultural Appreciation: Facilitate exchanges that promote intercultural understanding and shared technological experiences, nurturing a global perspective and mutual respect.
● Inspire Confidence and Creativity: Foster a sense of self-assurance and innovation in participants through the completion of digital projects, empowering them for future pursuits.
● Ultimately, the project seeks to arm young individuals with the knowledge and capabilities requisite for personal and professional advancement, in alignment with the ethos and methodologies of effective youth engagement.

Youth exchange is for everybody who are interested in the topic, want to travel, learn and meet new people and cultures from the age of 18 – 30. Leaders can be older than that.

Participants will be from Romania Romania, Greece Greece, Spain Spain, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Poland Poland, Hungary Hungary and Slovakia Slovakia. There will be 6 participants from each country. 

Accommodation HERE and food will be provided and financed from the Erasmus + program during the whole project. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 360 euro. Detailed information regarding financial procedures are written in FAQ and will be further explained with selected participants.



Registration is open until form is closed. Closed form mean we already finished choosing participants and therefore it is not possible to apply anymore.