In Motion for Inclusion

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Date(s) - 23/01/2024 - 30/01/2024

Kaunas, Lithuania

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Selected participants

It is very important to empower youth workers in the involvement of young people from disadvantaged groups because:
-Youth workers build trust and rapport with young people. They can be able to create a safe and supportive environment where young people feel comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their concerns. This trust is essential for building relationships with young people from disadvantaged groups, who may have had negative experiences with authority figures in the past.
-Youth workers are able to connect young people with resources and opportunities. They can help young people find the support they need to overcome the challenges they face.
-They can advocate for the needs of young people from disadvantaged groups. Youth workers can speak out against discrimination and prejudice, and they can work to create more inclusive communities. This advocacy can help to create a more just and equitable society where all young people have the opportunity to succeed.

In addition to these reasons, youth workers play a significant role in the involvement of youth from disadvantaged groups because they are often the only adults in these young people’s lives who believe in them and their potential. Youth workers can provide these young people with the encouragement and support they need to achieve their goals.

Project’s objectives:
1. To increase the understanding about the specifics of working with young people who are at risk of social exclusion.
2. To enhance knowledge on how to reach and involve young people who are at risk of social exclusion in youth work activities.
3. To provide participants and organizations with concrete ideals, tools and methodologies for the inclusion of disadvantaged young people, according of their
specific challenges.
4. To encourage a positive attitude towards the implementation of projects with the participation of disadvantaged young people.
5. To share experiences and change good practices of work with different disadvantaged groups.

Training course is for everyone who is interested in the topic and is in daily contact with youngsters either as a youth worker, teacher, leader, volunteer, is part of any organization where young people are gathering, school or sport clubs, and etc. From the age of 20+.

Participants will be from Lithuania Lithuania, Poland Poland, Romania Romania, Hungary Hungary, Turkey Turkey and Slovakia Slovakia. There will be 4 participants from each country. 

Accommodation and food will be provided and financed from the Erasmus + program during the whole project. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 euro. There is a participants fee of 50 euro. Detailed information regarding financial procedures are written in FAQ and will be further explained with selected participants.



Registration is open until form is closed. Closed form mean we already finished choosing participants and therefore it is not possible to apply anymore.