MIND your health

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Date(s) - 28/04/2023 - 06/05/2023

Murska Sobota, Slovenia

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During the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus, which is still going on, we, young people, remained locked up in our homes, and distance schooling also took place. At the same time, we were not allowed to socialize with our friends and family to the extent we were used to. All activities, including social contacts, have moved online, to an even greater extent than before. With the epidemic lasting for many years, the number of people, especially young, has increased, who feel lonely, insecure, have less social contacts, more feelings of social isolation and alienation. Online and social tools do not provide us with as satisfying social contacts as we would like. Through the youth exchange “MIND your health”, we want to encourage young people and offer them other opportunities to maintain social contacts, interconnectedness and selfknowledge. By learning about new ways of communication and also new cultures, we want to give young people more feelings of connection, but also tolerance and cooperation, which they bring. This will improve an individual’s self-image, increase interconnectedness and strengthen international cooperation. We want to improve their mental health. With the help of online media, young people can thus maintain long-distance contacts (including international ones), while empowering themselves and becoming better members of the European community. Our goals are for young people to get to know themselves and others, to find interconnectedness and cooperation, that is, to learn the competencies of improving their mental health. We want them to be empowered and express their opinions, to become active in their community and to pass on their knowledge and ideas, both at the domestic, local level, as well as at the national and international level. With this project, we want to continue our story, which in the previous project focused on physical health. We want to expand our knowledge and competencies with the same partners and build a stronger connection between the partners, which will also enable us to continue international cooperation.

Participants were from Slovenia Slovenia, Romania Romania, Lithuania Lithuania, Poland Poland and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 7 participants from each country.