Second Chance

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Date(s) - 31/05/2022 - 29/02/2024

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Education and shaping attitudes of young people to ecology are very important, because it concern their future life. We would like focus on eco initiation, i.e. shaping habits, ecological reflection in the young age, when the mind of a young people is extremely receptive and flexible. Typically, environmental education provided by schools consists on providing theoretical information. Trough workshops and manual activities we will make the participants “like ecology”, understand its usefulness and see that it can be a pleasure.


-spreading  eco-patriotism among young people and  promote a positive vision of ecology.

-promoting pro-ecological behaviors among young people, which will have a positive impact on the environment and reduce the negative effects of people’s activities

-preset and teach young people which of everyday activities can positively influence the climate

-development of the soft skills of young people useful for ecology like creativity, re-use of older things, communication skills and team work

Second Chance workshops were success

Three workshop has been organised and it was so much fun!
Create your own cleaning product is easy, smelling amazing and it is kind of a relaxion. Students of a high school in Bratislava made their own Air- freshner, washing powder and all purpose cleaner. They were competing who will clean the meeting room after, with their new products. These students learnt what contains all cleaning products and what harm the can cause.


Workshop on how to create ecological cosmetics 🧼 

It is easy, fun and great smelling. 🤩 In the middle of March a workshop held in Bratislava brought together 10 girls. We talked about the enviromental problems 🌎 which cosmetic industry create, the toxics that they are using and how harmful it might be for us and for the environment.☠️ It was very succesfull and scented workshop. 🫧 All participants were happy and excited to try their new cosmetic products at home. 🛀 You should also try it out. 


Dissemination event 

In July, we presented the achievements of the SECOND CHANCE project at the Family Center in Dúbravka. Participants learned about our project’s goals and the publication’s relevance for youth workers and organizations. We also conducted a fun, hands-on workshop segment where we have made our own soap.














Transnational partners meeting in Łódź
In November the last meeting with the partners took a place in Poland. We disscussed the achievement of the project, outcomes and future cooperation with the consortium. 

We invite you to implement some eco-friendly activites do your organisation or household – do not hesitate to download E-publication about eco-life style ( including samples of eco-activities  and scenarios for workshops)- you can find it here : 

Kick-off meeting in Bratislava in July 2022


E-publication about eco-life style ( including samples of eco-activities  and scenarios for workshops)- you can find it here : 

Development of the ecological awareness and knowledge among young people

Development of the other skills among young people like creativity and innovation– re-using things in new way, creation of new things using imagination;

We will expand the group of ecology enthusiasts who care about the environment, e.g. by not wasting food, using used clothes, giving them a second life.
We will strengthen their soft skills, such as: communication, teamwork, creativity, openness and hard skills, e.g. the ability to use and create objects. We encourage youth to implement Eco Life Style.
We will contribute to the development of society and its awareness of making decisions that will affect the future.

Second Chance is an Erasmus+ Small-scale partnerships in youth project implemented by the coordinator Stowarzyszenie “Kre-Aktywni” (Lodz, Poland) together with the partners Association for Environmental Protection and Improvement EKO-ZHIVOT (Kavadarci, North Macedonia) and ADEL Slovakia (Bratislava, Slovakia).