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Date(s) - 01/11/2022 - 31/10/2024
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The needs of our project are implicit in the call, from the moment in which the Erasmus Plus program in its «Environment and fight against climate change» section encourages the development of projects that, through educational, training, youth and sports promote behaviors and habits of sustainable consumption. Our project arises from the need to use sustainable sport as an active instrument to fight against climate change, with actions to avoid, minimize and compensate, through sports practice.

At the same time, it is important that sports, environmental and tourism actors can network to improve the practice of outdoor sports, not only with the aim of being sustainable, but also to be regenerative. We use a reflective methodology that allows us to reanalyze, reject, rationalize, reduce, reuse, transform and recycle.


At the end of June, we went for a run 🏃‍♀️ to collect trash.
As part of Volunteer week, we joined the SPOCLIMAT project and became volunteers for nature. 🌳
We did plogging around the very busy area in Bratislava and along the Danube riverbank. 🌊 We collected 9 bags of trash, which we sorted out into appropriate bins. 

Do you know what plogging is? 🏃‍♀️ It’s a combination of running and picking up litter. In addition to running, we perform movements like squats, bending down to pick up trash. And of course, we’re beautifying our environment as well. ☘️

The second plogging activity took place in Dubravka, part of Bratislava where we where we found a very polluted environment. Since there was a lot of mess in one place, we didn’t play that much. However, we relieved the nature from the huge amount of waste and had a run afterwards. 

Our project aims to link the world of sport with Sustainable Development under three fundamental premises:


The sport requires for its practice the use of natural resources and the enjoyment of environmental services. (That is why we choose sports that are practiced in nature, to favor its care).


Sport can collaborate in the minimization of environmental effects and the development of social initiatives (We focus on the organization of sporting events with low environmental impact and we promote training in environmental matters).


Sport can transmit values of sustainable development to society thanks to its great power of diffusion (we use the value of sport itself, through practice to promote good practices and help ourselves from elite athletes who help us with your speaker to become aware of the situation).

We have the following objectives: 

-diagnosis of environmental impact of sports in nature

-guide to good environmental practices

-planning of sustainable events

– raise awareness about sport and the environment through sports practice in nature

More information about the project: https://spoclimat.eu/